VIC Card Shows/Trade Day-Night?


Sep 8, 2016
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Hi all,

Not sure exactly how to put this but what Victorian card shows are there? It feels like there's a really strong and passionate card collecting group in Victoria, but no centralised card shows or trade days/nights.

I know there aren't many card shops around, let alone with the space to hold enough people beyond 10-20 at a time, but what else is out there?

Is it possible for a large room or event space to be booked out for a weekend day and night, where collectors can come and meet others? Buying, trading and selling would be welcomed and encouraged, and I think depending on the location it could be a great event.

Would anyone be interested in an event like this, or could a card store in Melbourne/Victoria host such an event?

Any thoughts, comments or ideas would be more than welcome as I'd love meet more people in the community and have a space to enjoy the hobby, similar to the U.S., that isn't strictly online.

Thanks for listening to my rambles!

Iron Clad Lou

Nov 24, 2020
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Sweet as bro yeah keep me posted I've only just gotten into the hobby over the lockdown period be keen to hang with a fee people in the hobby shoot some hoops n all that for sure
Yeah I'm back into it again after a few stints!

Much crazier than before. I'd also like a meet