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i have these full sets to trade-
1995 winfield cup tribute
1994 masters
1994 kangaroos set in album
1996 series 1 starter set
1995 coca cola kangaroos set
1995 series 2 origin men of steel full set
1995 masters out of this world full set
1995 series 1 winners circle cards (-#3)
2010 champs base set
2011 champs base set

single cards-
1994 series 2 supporters choice top 10 terry lamb signature card with dynamic COA(doesnt come with the redemeption card tho)
1995 revolutionaries ricky stuart/ dally messenger card
1996 gamebreaker #3 adrian lamb
1997 crash the pack #5, #13
2001 team of the year #6 Jason crocker
and a few parralel cards from 2008,2009,2010,2011
and heaps of tazos from various years

I am chasing-
1994 series 1 gold signature card #3 brad mackay, #4 mark coyne
2007 invincibles jersey cards-full set
2007 invincibles team of the year- full set
2007 invincibles predictors- full set
2007 invincibles top prospects- full set
2007 invincibles signature redemptions- fullset
2009 classic top prospects- full set
2009 classic predictors- full set
2009 classic double trouble- full set
2009 classic captain signature redemptions- all
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