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Looking for these base single cards:

Achilleos 2 FPG: 70, 87
Barbie: The World of. Tempo 1997: 4
Beatles River Group: 7,8,9,19,47,56,118,145,156,166,196,215,220
Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit: Tempo: 110
Coca-Cola Sign of Good Taste Widevision: 5, 8x2
Jim Lee II: Comic Images 1992: 16, 29x2
John Wayne: Breygent 2005: 16,35,36,54,56,63
Kung Fu. Scanlens (cream back): 35,40,48,59
Kung Fu Scanlens (grey back): 37,41
Lady Death 1 Krome: 85
Lady Death 3 Krome: 2,17
Lord of The Rings The Two Towers Action Flipz. Artbox 2002: 23x2,41,47,56
Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of The Ring Update Edition. Topps 2002: 154
Marilyn Monroe II. Sportstime: 101,126x2,142
Marvel Colossal Conflicts. Comic Images 1987: 15
Monty Python's Flying Circus. Cornerstone: 20,23, 43(girl in lingerie), 62,67,72,73
Mork & Mindy. Scanlens 1978: 51
Phantom Series 1. Dynamic: 110x2
Phantom. Comic Images: 11x2,19,39,66x2,73,77
Popeye. Card Creations: 29,32
Rugrats. Tempo: 76
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 1. Skybox 1993: 99
Star Trek Next Gen. Episodes Season 1. Skybox 1994: 108
Star Trek Insurrection movie: 54,66
Star Trek TOS Phase 2. Skybox: 174
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Series 2. Topps 1980: 133,134,135.
Star Wars Return of The Jedi Series 2. Topps 1983: 133,143.
Star Wars Return of The Jedi Widevision. Topps 1995: 5,17,28,29,32,38,40,56,57,67,70,85,93.
The Maxx. Wildstorm 1996: 94
Twilight Zone The Next Dimension. Rittenhouse 2000:144
X-Men Covers Series 1. Comic Images 1990: 5,19,37,63,86

I have over 200,000 base singles from 100's of different sets to trade (mostly 90's to 2000's). Happy to trade card for card or will sell cheap. Please send me your want lists.
Regards. Joe
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Hey Joe, may have some of the phantom base cards you’re chasing. Away working atm but, will take a look when I return home in a few weeks.
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