Upperdeck 92 to 94 Inserts


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Upperdeck SE Electric Court:
45 Reggie Williams
48 Doug Christie
69 Vin Baker
79 Nick Anderson
113 Pete Chilcutt
115 Horace Grant
116 Chris Morris
143 J.R. Reid
159 Frank Johnson
160 Toni Kukoc
191 Isaiah Rider ASW

Collectors Choice Silver Signatures:
169 Scottie Pippen TO
220 Gary Payton
234 Charles Barkley
238 Jalen Rose RC
247 Dominique Wilkins
248 Robert Parish
293 Oliver Miller
300 Benoit Benjamin
301 Avery Johnson
304 Byron Scott
313 Donyell Marshall RC
341 Aaron McKie RC
347 Michael Cage
375 Scottie Pippen BP
386 Glenn Robinson BP
393 Aaron McKie BP
397 Karl Malone BP
402 Michael Jordan TRIV

Upperdeck 92/93
Award Winner Hologram: L Johnson (AW5)
Foreign Exchange: Schrempf (FEE8)
Jerry West Selects: Mutumbo (JW13), Lewis (JW19)

UD 93/94 West All Stars Die Cuts
W8 Nick Van Exel
W9 Isaiah Rider
W10 Charles Barkley

Chalk Talk
CT1 Derrick Coleman
CT2 Joe Dumars
CT3 Tim Hardaway
CT4 Larry Johnson
CT6 Dan Majerle
CT7 Reggie Miller
CT8 Alonzo Mourning
CT10 Mark Price
CT11 Steve Smith
CT12 Isiah Thomas
CT13 Dominique Wilkins
CT14 Kevin Johnson

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