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Hey everyone,

I am looking to move onto collecting something new and have decided to part with my MMA card collection.

I would hope to sell as a bulk lot and will be generous when negotiating a price there. But I am willing to sell specific cards for sure..

Just pm me and we can figure something out :thumbsup:


Topps UFC:

Randy Couture Frank Mir 2009 Round 2 Dual Auto Relic /25
Antonio Nogueira 2009 round 2 blue auto
Randy Couture 2010 blue auto
Junior Dos Santos 2010 blue auto
Rich Franklin 2010 blue auto
Carlos Condit 2010 blue auto
Matt Hamill 2010 blue auto
Jim Miller 2010 blue auto
Todd Duffee 2010 red auto 8/15
GSP 2010 Main Event auto
Shane Carwin 2010 Main Event Auto /50
Thiago Alves 2010 Main Event auto
Matt Serra 2010 Main event auto relic
Mike Brown 2010 main Event auto relic
Jim Miller 2010 main Event auto relic
Gray Maynard 2010 knockout gear auto /188
Antonio Nogueira 2010 knockout gear auto /88
Jose Also 2010 knockout gear auto/188
Brian Bowles 2010 knockout gear auto/188
Clay Guida 2010 Patch Auto /50
Pat Miletich 2010 auto /88
Alex Caceres 2010 Ultimate fighter auto /100
Thiago Silva 2009 Round 1 auto
Wilson Gouveia 2009 Round 1 auto
Wanderlei Silva 2012 finest auto

Mat/Gear Relics:
Matt Riddle 2009 Round 1 Ultimate Gear 2 colour /500
Mauricio Rua vs Forrest Griffin 2009 Round 1 mat relic
Rory Markham 2009 Round 1 mat relic
Keith Jardine 2009 Round 2 Mat Relic /199 possible blood spots???
Chuck Liddell 2009 Round 2mat relic 2 colour
Nate Marquardt 2009 Round 2 mat relic x2
Rich Franklin 2009 Round 2 mat relic
Sean Shark 2009 Round 2 mat relic
Lyoto Machida 2009 Round 2 mat relic
Diego Sanchez 2009 Round 2 mat relic
Frank Mir 2009 Round 2 mat relic 2 colour
Gray Maynard 2009 Round 2 mat relic
Wanderlei Silva 2009 Round 2 mat relic 2 colour
Josh Neer 2009 Round 2 Mat Relic
Ryan Bader 2009 Round 2 Ultimate Gear /199
Nate Diaz 2010 Main Event mat relic
Jon Fitch 2010 Main Event mat relic 3 colour
Mike Swick 2010 Main Event mat relic
Martin Kampmann 2010 Main Event fighter work gear /88
Brandon Vera 2010 Main Event fighter work gear
Efrain Escudero 2010 Main Event fighter worn gear
Matt Hamill 2010 Ultimate Gear
Melvin Guillard 2010 Mat Relic 2 colour
Jake Ellenberger 2010 Mat Relic 2 colour
Ed Herman 2010 Mat Relic 2colour a
Thiago Silva 2010 Ultimate Gear
Jim Miller 2010 Ultimate Gear
Tim Skyskrape Katz 2010 Ultimate Gear
Mike Swick 2010 Ultimate Gear
Kenny Florian 2010 knockout relic/99 2 colour
Frank Mir 2010 knockout gear /188
Anderson Silva 2010 knockout mat relic /88
Mauricio Rua 2010 knockout mat relic/188
Clay Guida 2010 knockout mat relic/288
Jose Aldo 2010 knockout gear/188
Martin Kampmann 2010 knockout mat relic/288
Randy Couture 2010 Cage Relic

Antonio Nogueira round 2 base 2/8
Antonio Nogueira 2010 knockout base 6/8 and 8/8
Antonio Nogueira victorious debuts/88

Leaf MMA 2010:

Numbered Autographs:
Anderson Silva auto /25
Sean Sherk auto /25
Showdowns Jim Miller Mac Danzig 1/1
Showdowns Greg Jackson Leonard Garcia/100
Wanderlei Silva MMA champions auto /100
Shane Carwin MMA champions auto/100
Clay Guida MMA champions auto/199

Leaf MMA Base Autographs:
Cain Velasquez x2
Mike Goldberg
Frank Shamrock
Eddie Alvarez
And many more lesser names


















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