Trading to complete PC's


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Mar 21, 2009
Mildura, Vic
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Hi Ozcard Traders.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new release of '16' Certified. I know I sure am.

I just wanted to let everyone know, as a collector or Hawks and Western Bulldogs cards from 2009 to Present. I have always enjoyed trading the cards I get out of the boxes I buy for ones I need to complete my PC's.

However alot of cases I have members messaging me with cards they want but I dont need any of what they have.
So it got me thinking...
If anyone needs any cards I have, Im happy to trade if its worth while for me to trade even If I dont need the card for my PC.

For example: Trade Aaron Sandilands Cert Sig #143/240 for Corey Enright Cert Sig #low number.

So If anyone needs anything, let me know.