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    Posting a few wants. Full lists have/wants on my site, mostly 90s early 00s. Email is best way to contact me

    Looking for these insert chase cards. Would consider trading in your favor on these.

    Street Sharks sharkglow: Bends
    Mortal Kombat Classic CE9
    Portfolio 1993 bonus 108
    Kong blister bonus B1
    Planet of the Apes movie stickers 1, 5, 10
    Simpsons film cards II (2003) R1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and UR2
    24 season 3 costume M5 president's tie
    X2 Xmen United clear C3, 4 and foils [all but #3, 10]

    Few singles:
    Buffy evolution 31 regular
    Buffy V #5
    jeffrey jones II #90
    Jusko Colossal Cards II 63, 68, 81, 96
    Spiderman Eternal evil 1996 premium 85, 87
    Lethal Strike holochrome/refractor cards (not stickers) 4, 29

    Babylon 5 CCG: Spoo and For the Future
    Inuyasha CCG Keshin: PC1 autograph
    Star Quest Regency War: 6, 12, 23, 26, 30, 66, 191, 221, 257, 260, 288

    Promos: (any dealer/collector want to sell a large lot of different promos at low price, contact me)

    Achilleo II P4
    Akira preview card #8
    Aliens Predator universe P2
    Alien Legacy P1, C1, MS1
    Barr, Ken unicorn
    Beatles Yellow Submarine 2
    Butt Ugly Martians P2, P3
    Campbell's P1, P3, CC1
    Cardtoons P2, P3
    Cat in the Hat P1, P2
    Chopper Chicks of Mars 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
    Coin Art #1
    Cyberforce Summer P3
    Daredevil movie P1, P3
    Darrell Sweet P1
    DC Vertigo SP1, SP2
    Deathmate green w/Bloodshot
    Dr. Who 2 cornerstone B4
    Dune P2
    Evil Ernie series one promos 1, 2
    Evil Ernie series one unnumbered Krome productions present
    Freak Force advance comics 5
    Frighteners 3/3
    Golden Age of Comics F1, F2, F3
    Hammer Horror P3
    Hershey's P2
    ID4 T1, T2
    Images of Josephine (need to see which I have)
    Images of Shadowhawk advance comics 2
    James Bond women widevision P2
    James Bond tomorrow never dies P1
    Judge Dredd thin 4, 5
    Judgment Day 1
    Kong 8th wonder P1
    Lady Death (without special update info)
    Lady Death 2 sitting from collect
    Lady Death 2 super promos (3 different sets of two)
    Lady Death 4
    Lady Death Covenant
    Lady Death Night Gallery on bed
    Lexx P1
    Marvel Universe advance comics Venom hologram
    Mask P1
    Masterpiece Collection wagon
    Meanie Babies Cy-clone
    Melting Pot prism promo
    Michael Kaluta P1
    mini press sheets 90 card sets (except Sachs, Warren)
    Monkees 2, 3
    Mr. Bean 1/3 prism
    New American Pinups 2, 3, 5
    Outer Limits duocards 2
    Outlanders dark horse promo 1
    Pepsi P1, 2, 4
    Planet of the Apes SFX-1
    Punisher prism promo both variations
    Savage Dragon prism promo both variations
    Sorayama silver satin 2
    Spider-Man II prism promo
    Spider-Man Movie P2
    Star Wars Evolution P1, P3
    Superman Platinum wide SP1, SW1
    Terminator 3 P1, P2
    Tribe unnumbered parts 2, 3
    Triton magazine daredevil 3
    Triton magazine promos 4, 5, 6, sachs, and others
    Universal Monsters mummy promo
    Vampir Theatre marked 1 of 3500
    Wild West art Kunstler 2
    Witchblade Disciples belly dancer
    Wizard: Holly Daye
    Wizard: most variant promos and gold sealed
    Wolverine II prism promo both variations
    Wrightson, Bernie hologram promo
    also any series I don't have that has either a single promo or all the promo cards, Can send me a list

    Now for some HAVES. Much more on website.

    Chase sets:
    Adventures in Toon World 5 Hare-os
    An American Tail holo set 5
    Archie hologram set 4
    Austin Powers insert set M0-4, MP1-3 and License
    Babylon 5 Season V One Exit set 6
    Babylon 5 Season V River of Souls Set 9
    Barb Wire embossed set 12
    Batman and Robin Adv. Popup set 12
    Batman Forever Chrome Set 10
    Batman Forever Hologram Set 36
    Batman Forever game set 2
    Batman Metal Gold Set 10
    Batman Metal 8 movie preview and A1
    Batman Metal 4 holograms
    Batman Metal 10 ultra prints
    Batman Masterseries chrome set 2
    Batman Holo silver motion set 4
    Batman Begins embossed 5
    Battle of the Planets AC1-6
    Beach Sports holo set 2
    Blair Witch 5 foils
    Blueprints of the Future 6 omni
    Boris 3 chrome set 6
    Campbells Soup SC set and stickers set and postcard set 12/6/4
    Cardtoons foil set 10
    Cinderella popup set 12
    Cinderella activity set 9
    Cinderella dufex and motion set 5/2
    Comic Ball hologram set 9
    Comic Ball II hologram set 9
    Comic Future Stars Star Players 5
    Comics Greatest World matrix 6
    Conan II prism set 6
    Country Classics 2 holograms
    Creators Universe All Regular Inserts 4/3
    Creed necro set 5
    Crow City of Angels Embossed set 10
    Crow City of Angels tattoo set 10
    Cyberforce cyberoptics set 18
    DC Cosmic Teams holo set 6
    DC Bloodlines embossed set 4
    DC Milestone M1 and M2
    DC Powerchrome hard hitters set 18
    DC Outburst max firepower set 20
    DC Vertigo gold foil 6
    DC Stars puzzle 9
    Dinosaurs Attack sticker set 11
    Dragonball Z prism set 10
    Endless Summer hot foil set 6
    Fangoria chrome set 6
    Fire Engines 1-4 complete prims/foils set 24
    Flintstones Tek set3
    Flintstones NFL holo set and Tek 3/1
    Flintstones Movie foil set 4
    Free Willy II spectra and lenticular set 9/2
    Fright Flicks sticker set 11
    Gargoyles popup set 10
    Gargoyles embossed foil set 9
    Ghost Rider II glow set 10
    Grinch EG1-6
    Hanna/Barbara Tek set 3
    Hercules Movie Sticker Set 6
    Hercules Movie gold medal 4
    Hershey's 6 chrome and 3 wood
    Hildebrandt Prism set 6
    Hildebrandt Brothers foil set 6
    Hildebrandt Tim holochrome set 6
    Hitchhickers Guide to Galaxy Tek set 4
    Hook sticker set 11
    Hulk Film 10 illustrated
    Hunchback 6 iron-on
    Hunchback Motion set 2
    Image D set 6
    It's a Wonderful Life chromium set 6
    Judge Dredd Sleep Set 9
    Judge Dredd Movie Preview set 3
    Judge Dredd Prism judges set 4
    Judge Dredd Black judges set 4
    Judge Dredd Boing set 4
    Jumangi hologram set 4
    Laural and Hardy “fixed” card set
    Lion King foil embossed and popup set 9/5
    Lion King II popup set 5
    LIttler Mermaid proset stand 15
    Little Mermaid Upper Deck stickums 21
    Macloed Lee metallic 1-10 set
    Marilyn Monroe 10 chromes
    Marvel 1994 suspended Set 10
    Marvel Masterpieces 2008 MH set 9
    Maverick 3 teks
    Monster Inc magic set and puzzle set 6/6
    Mortal Kombat movie F1-4 set and W1-3 set
    MTV holo set 4
    Native Americans prismatic set 6
    Nicktoons sticker set and activity set 11/11
    Norman Rockwell II subset set 3
    Olivia II chrome set 6
    101 Dalmations Magnet Set and Foil & Fur set 4/2
    Olympic Cent. 20 foil pogs
    Pagemaster foil set 9
    Pee Wee's Playhouse 12 wiggles
    Planet of the Apes 2001 foil set 10
    Playboy Feb. Preview Set 6
    Playboy April Preview Set 6
    Playboy Jun Preview Set 6
    Pocahontas 3-D set 5
    Pocahontas foil set 5
    Pocahontas motion set 2
    Pokemon TV series one tin toppers 5
    Portfolio cover card set of 5
    Power Rangers walmart foil 12
    Power Rangers movie holo set 12
    Prophet wiggle set 3
    Punisher prism set 3
    Reboot holo set 5
    Rockcards regular sticker set 16 and holo set (8 holos no Poison)
    Rocketeer sticker set 11
    Sabrina teenage witch 6 prisms
    Sanjulian metallic set 5
    Sandman gold border endless and hologram 7/1
    Santa Around the World foil set 12
    Santa and Snowflakes foil set 12
    Shadow 4 chrome
    Simpsons II wiggle set 9
    Simpsons II smell set 10
    Skeleton Warriors powerblast set 9
    Skeleton Warriors suspended set 10
    Skeleton Warriors lumabone set 5
    Snow White 9 foils
    Space Jam F1-30 and SC1-9 sets
    Spawn wide Toys set 6
    Spiderman Amazing suspended set 12
    Spy vs. Spy hologram set 3
    Stargate AS1-12 set
    Starship Troopers 4 poster art
    Star Trek 30th Motion set 3
    Star Trek Blockbuster 4 captains
    Star Trek Voyager Expand A Card Set 3
    Star Trek Insurrection Wardrobe Set 9
    Star Trek Cinema 2000 female set 9
    Star Wars Galaxy 3 Lucas art 12
    Star Wars Galaxy 4 lost galaxy 5
    Star Wars Galaxy 5 etched foil 6
    Star Wars Galaxy 5 silver foil 15
    Star Wars Galaxy 6 etched foil 6
    Star Wars Galaxy 6 silver foil 10
    Superman Collectors wide spectra set 6
    Tarzan kid cuisine motion set 8
    TMNT animated II sticker set 11
    Tiny Toons Tek set 3
    Toxic Crusader hologram set 8
    Tribe prism set 5
    Ultraverse Rookies set and Stars and etched foils 9/4/2
    Universal Monsters sticker set 10
    Valiant Unseen Art set and Foil Set 9/9
    Valiant Chrome mail away set 6
    Varga III 9 mail away military
    Ward, Bill omnichrome set 6
    Wizard series IV 1-20 set
    Wizard of Oz 6 toto
    Xena Beauty 9 footsteps
    X-Files One etched foils 6
    X-Men Ultra 1995 suspended Set 10

    Akira promo prism
    Akira promo 1, 2
    Akira preview 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
    Alien Legacy P2
    Aliens vs. Predator Hero red foils 1
    Amalgam Darkclaw
    Ani-Mayhem ccg Final Stand
    Animal Mystic girl
    Ash 6
    Austin Powers P2, 3, 6, 7
    Barlowe water dragon
    Best Defense P1
    Beekman, Doug P1
    Bone unumbered
    Bone 2
    Bone dragonslayer
    Boris with julie
    Charmed Connections CC-P2
    Chris Achilleos P3
    Comic Greats 98 Unnumbered
    Comics Greatest World machine unnumbered
    Comics Greatest World x
    Conan 2
    Conan 3
    Creators Masterseries BP1
    Dali, Salvidor Unnumbered
    Dark Angel P1
    Dawn new horizons 3
    Dawn new horizons NSU
    DC vs. Marvel Cpt. America
    Doctor Chaos Advance Comics
    Double Impact high
    Double Impact feel
    Dragonball Z CCG P6 Krillin
    Elvira mistress
    Fantasy Adventures ccg Mrem and Tower Snake
    Fathom P1, P3, nsu1
    Fathom bookmark
    Frazetta best
    Frightners P2
    Gil Elvgren
    Gil Elvgren 2
    GI Joe Anniversary Unnumbered
    Golden Age of Comics Unnumbered
    Hammer Horror P4
    Heavy Metal art
    Highlander ccg Scrye
    Hildebrandts best
    Hildebrandt Sep. Together Unnumbered
    Jack Kirby archives
    James Bond Collection P1, P2, P3
    James Bond Tomorrow 0, P2
    Jedi Knight ccg P1 Darth Vader's Lightsaber
    Jim Warren 2
    Joe Jusko advance
    Joseph Linsner's Dawn & Beyond
    Jurassic Park T. Rex Promo
    Ken Kelly 2 dragon slayer
    Ken Kelly 2 combo
    Killer Instinct ccg Techno-mage!
    Kindred Advance #4
    KISS II P1
    KISS II P2
    Laurel and Hardy another P1
    Lethal Strike promo 3, 4
    Lethal Strike promo set 1-4
    Lexx open mouth
    Lion King AMC 7, 8, 13, 15
    Lionel Legendary Trains P1, P2
    Lord of the Ring Two Towers P1
    Lost in Space P3
    Lost Universe looks like phone card
    Mars Attacks topps P2
    Marvel Creators Collection
    Masters of Japanimation demon
    Maxfield Parrish
    Maxx Unnumbered
    Meanie Babies P1, P2
    MHopOnHop P2011
    MHopOnHop TY2011
    MHopOnHop TY2016
    Mike Ploog black background
    Monkees promo 1
    Monty Python Circus P2, P3
    More than Battlefield Earth unnumbered
    Muppet Treasure Island Target colorforms
    Neopets ccg Yellow Shoyru
    New American Pinups promo 1
    Normal Rockwell 2
    Olivia Best
    Olivia Studies
    Olivia Omnichrome
    On the Edge ccg S2 Saleem Helicopter
    Our Daughters PC2
    Ozzy Osborn P2
    Phantom Movie S1
    Phantom comic images
    Planet of the Apes archives P1, P2
    Pokemon ccg sealed set of the three Legendary Birds
    Power Cardz ccg P2 Glory
    Prisoner Promo A
    Quest for the Grail ccg Wyrm of the Crags
    Rage ccg Uncle Freddy
    Rage ccg Eye of Luna
    Redemption ccg Scrye 8 Obedience of Noah
    Rocky Horror 20 years
    Ron Miller Firebrands
    Roger Dean pyramid
    Royo II Unnumbered
    Royo Best
    Sachs & Violens bikini
    Sailor Moon prismatic P1, 2
    Sailor Moon CCG from archives w/moon background
    Sanjulian vampires (popular)
    Savage Dragon
    Sim City ccg Combo Administrative Office
    Small Soldiers P1
    Solitaire Joker
    Sorayama Silver and Satin promo 1
    Spawn Toys P1
    Spider-Man movie P1
    Starship Troopers P2
    Star Quest
    Star Trek Phase III Survey card
    Stout, william
    Stout 2
    Strangers in Paradise
    Street Fighter Movie Sticker
    Super Mario Brothers
    Tank Girl
    Titan AE P1
    Titanic P2
    Trading Card Treats super mario all 6 (2 sealed packs)
    Trading Card Treats archie (pack on bike)
    Trading Card Treats super mario (pack rescuing daisy)
    Triton magazine 1 with Daredevil
    TVs Coolest P1-3
    Unity comics unlimited
    Valiant Sneak-Peek 3
    Vampir Theatre
    Vanguard Advance #3
    Vincent DiFate blueprints
    Ward, Bill Unnumbered
    Wayne Barlowe
    Wild Wild West TV P1
    Wildstorm Gallery P1
    Wildstorm Gallery comic insert #37 (copyright info different)
    Wildstorm Gallery comic insert #109 (copyright info different)
    Wizard Creators Portfolio 4 bone
    Wizard prism 4 image
    Wizard prism 6 cyberforce
    Wizard prism 7 wildcats
    Wizard special The Spirit
    Wizard holofoil 1 Pitt
    Wizard holofoil 4 Stormwatch
    Wizard holofoil 7 shamans tears
    Wizard holofoil 8 shadowhawk
    Wizard holofoil 9 strykeforce
    Wizard Chrome 2 Spawn
    Wizard 4 cyberforce
    Wizard 5 Ripclaw
    Wizard 7 gen 13
    Wizard 8 Doom’s IV
    Wizard Mixed 6 X-Force
    Wizard 9 Ash
    Wizard 10 Shi
    Wizard 12 Batman vs. Wildcat
    Wizard 14 Superman
    Wizard 15 Witchblade
    Wizard 17 Nightwing
    Wizard 18 Darkchylde
    Wizard 19 She-Hulk and Fairchild
    Wizard 20 Divine Right
    World of US Manga Unnumbered
    Woodstock Generation oversize promo 2
    X-Men 1991 magneto hologram advance comics (stain)
    X-Men chromium Wolverine
    X-Men ccg P1 Cyclops
    X-Men ccg sealed P3 Professor X and It's Not your claws
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    added simpsons and x-men wants
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    Daniel Ramage
    Keen on the street sharks cards
  4. Bryan C.

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    updated added more promo wants, picked up couple xmen
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    how much for the pokemon sealed birds?
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    update, found few MK cards
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    added single needs. removed couple inserts.
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    updated promo wants. need to revise promo haves soon
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    updated haves/wants

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