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Sep 18, 2008
Devonport Tasmania
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Hi all. Probably going to have one extra box of 2021 Optimum coming, so will consider trading for only the below mentioned Hawks cards. If I can’t trade the extra box I’ll probably store it away for a rainy day.

96 Brownlow Competition Cards #/20 (any hawks except Platten)
96 HOF Matthews legend sig + redemption
99 Premier Jason Dunstall Tribute sig + redemption
01 Auth Shane Crawford captain signature + redemption
2005 Peter Hudson legend sig + redemption
2006 AFL Stickers Campbell Brown signature /10
Signature Tazos from 2007 Hodge & Mitchell signed in Gold
09 Pinnacle Sam Mitchell captains signature + redemption
2020 Ben Stratton captain signature + redemption
2017 Future Force James Worpel Green signature card

2019 Supremacy
NSMS12 Hodge
PG15 Arthur
PG16 Tuck
PGS15 Arthur
PGS16 Tuck
PBDS4 Dipierdomenico
SPS10 Breust

Tom Mitchell Influential
Jeager O’Meara Influential
Worpel/Mitchell signature + redemption
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