Completed The villain & Luckyslayer


Bulldogs Crusaders Trailblazers
Brisbane, Qld
Real Name
The Villain gets del

2007 Invincible album + flyer + promos
Common set 1-195
Club player set cp1-15
Team of the year set ty1-9
Rookie sensations set rs1-6
Jersey die cut set gc1-192!

2008 Centenary album + flyer
Common set 1-199
Holofoil club logo set cl1-16
Immortals set 1-7
Team of the century tc1-18
Past hero's ph1-32

2009 Classic album
Common set 1-195
Club player set cp1-16
Team of the year set ty1-9
Holofoil jersey card set jdc1-96

2011 Strike album + flyer + promo's
Common set 1-196
Award winners aw9, aw12
Club player 2009 cp1-16 (missing cp2,cp3)
Club player 2010 cp17-32 (missing cp32)
Team of the year 2009 ty1-9 (missing ty1,ty2,ty7,ty8)
Team of the year 2010 ty10-18 (missing ty13,ty14)

2013 Elite album + flyer
Parallel set p1-142
Australian rep set ar1-18
Triple threats set tt1-48

Luckyslayer gets $$$

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