The coolest game jersey I've ever owned

Nov 21, 2009
Auckland, New Zealand
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When he came into the league, I put my name down on a waiting list at Meigray for any Steven Adams jerseys that might come up, and on the 13th of March 2014 I was offered one worn in the Thunder's loss to the Golden State Warriors on November 14 2013, for $1750.
I passed, as that was a stupid amount of money for a guy who'd done nothing yet.
I've picked up a couple along the way since then, but always wanted a blue Adidas one (as they are SO much nicer than the Nike ones), yet none had ever been available since.

Then, in the latest Goldin Auction they happen to have... that same jersey I passed on all those years ago! I decided to do a little research on the game, and found several photos that I recognised... so I bought the jersey, and it is really beautiful.



It's a definite match to the game as seen on Getty image 452293067:

I also suspect it was worn the day prior in a game against the Clippers, but due to poor photo quality (187923239 is the best and it's too grainy, but the mesh holes do look the same) I can't verify for certain.

Anyway, going back to those photos of the game I found...

Getty image 452293525

(also on a Court Kings RC I don't have)

Getty image 452293033

Getty image 452290297

(unfortunately all of my photos of this card suck/are from an angle, and it's locked away and I can't be bothered going to get it just for this, but I'm very confident it's the same picture).

So I now own the actual jersey he wore in a regular season NBA game during his rookie year, that is shown on several of his (more prominent) rookie cards - how cool is that?