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Greg Lansdowne

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Greg Lansdowne
Hello all.

I wanted to introduce myself as I am an inveterate sports collectables enthusiast (mainly cricket and football/soccer). In 2015 I had a book published about the history of Panini football stickers (Stuck On You) and that was then turned into a film in 2017. In terms of cricket, we have been starved in the UK. Panini cricket sticker albums in 1983 and 1995 are about the sum total of mainstream collections in my lifetime. Until now, that is. When I heard Tap 'N' Play were launching an England Cricket Trading Cards set over here I just had to offer my help to promote it (as a specialist communications professional). Interest has been growing and more shops will be stocking the cards from Thursday. As part of my research I have been astonished by just how many cricket collections you have had in Australia...the kind of thing we can only dream of. Hopefully Tap 'N' Play can right that wrong but we have a lot to catch up on! I look forward to discussing the subject with many of you. Greg
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