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Got tempted by the US long weekend sales so caught up on some Star Wars releases. Went 3 boxes of Archives and 3 of Galactic Files and some other stuff!​

Archives - Not much chop here, I like the idea and the price isn't too bad but I didn't do too well. The David Barclay as Jabba is /10 but they should have given him a gold or silver pen as the Auto is difficult to see. The other autos are Paul Kasey and Andrew Jack. At least they're new autos to my PC.

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Galactic Files was much better to me. My 3 boxes delivered 8 hits with one box having 2 sketches (same pack) an Auto and a plate in it. While I didn't get a huge name in the Auto's, I'm very happy to add a /5 Kenny Baker to the PC!

0918e (Medium).jpg

Sketches were all pretty great. Even though I don't collect much animation or prequel stuff, I'm thinking of keeping all these. Love the Hera by Carlos Cabaleiro, she's probably my favorite character from the animations and it looks almost printed. Dengar is by Gerard Garcia Jr. The cityscape (is that Coruscant?) is by Ward Silverman and the very nice Queen Amidala is by Marcia Dye.

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Also went a box of Metal Pop Century. Pretty happy with how I went getting Charlie Sheen /10 , Bruce Dern /10 (been in many things, but I remember him most from Silent Running, a very cool old Sci Fi movie) and Napoleon Dynamite himself, Jon Heder. Relic wasn't bad either.

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Also went a Leaf 8 x 10 for something different. While I might have preferred a more modern star, Loni Anderson probably isn't a bad pick up and I'm old enough to actually remember watching WKRP in Cincinnati!

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Lastly, had to go some more Arrow's of course, though it's probably getting to the point now where the odds are against me getting something new. Still I managed to get a few for the collection and at less than 40 a box, it's still a fun chase. Nice to get another Emily Bett - if I sell it, it will likely pay for most of the boxes!

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