Some interesting finds in my roof


Jan 27, 2008
Ocean Grove, Victoria
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In my roof helping put in a new fan and I found a box full of old footy cards that I decided to pull out.

The box was full of old footy cards from the 90s-00s including hand signed Geelong cards, pogs, tazos etc etc and all different old Geelong Memorabilia.

The more interesting cards I found were these:

2002 Select Kevin Bartlett Legend Card
2003 Select Gordon Coventry Hall of Fame Legend card
2003 Select XL Simon Black 2002 Brownlow Medalist
2004 Select Conquest Simon Black 2003 Norm Smith Medalist
2004 Select Conquest Essendon 1985 VFL Premiers card #005
2004 Select Conquest Beau Waters DPS #038/700

Some nice finds I totally forgot about.

I'd be interested in selling them if anyone wants them too. :)