Socceroos Mailday Updates


Jun 26, 2009
Melbourne VIC
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Finally had the chance to scan a fair amount of the socceroos oddballs I've picked up from this years World Cup as well as previous years
Also, this week finally had delivered a Super rare set from 1974, the Monaco Gente set:

This is a super super rare set, I've never seen any Australian singles appear in the marketplace, let alone all of them. Gets a bit
repetitive that virtually every single set issued in 74 used the same photos though!

Rest of my collection is here:
Still haven't updated the big sets from this year, Select and Prizm, waiting till I have as many of them in hand as I can.

Also after a lot of the Caltex Socceroos inserts as I havent had much luck finding a Caltex near me that stocks them, so if anyone has any for sale let me know!