Shipping to USA from Australia (Registered Vs Tracking)


Feb 3, 2013
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Hi Guys,

First i am sure it's been discussed before but nothing stuck out on my 3 second attempt to find another thread /lazy

What method of shipping do you use to ship anything to the USA?
Also which is more useful, registration/proof of delivery or being able to track online?

The following options are generally:
Air Mail ($15)
Sea Mail ($10)
Registered Post ($20)
Pack and Track ($20)
Or Some expensive expedited one ($50+)

  • The air and sea mail don't have tracking but you can add an option for registration (sign on delivery) for $5 or so (making it similar to the registered post anyway)
  • Registered post which has proof of posting and sign on delivery
  • Pack and Track which has online tracking but no sign on delivery to confirm receipt
  • Expedited which has all the bells and whistles but is pretty expensive.
I am tossing up between registered or pack and track. in terms of being able to prove you sent an item vs being supplying tracking so you can monitor where it is going and how long it takes.

What do ozcarders normally use?

I sent a registered package to Hong Kong recently with no dramas (although would've been good if they could have limited tracking with this, since it has a bar code anyway.... ) Thought i might try that again.
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Aug 29, 2010
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If the card is under $50 I just send bubble mailer, air mail stamp and a $2.60 stamp. I haven't had a problem.

If I was sending something over $50 I would use registered air mail - Registered Post International DLE for $14.40.

The price of posting something as small as a card, registered to the USA is absurd. I try and limit it as much as possible but understand you can be screwed if you get a charge back. Hiking up the pricing on shipping for an item over $50 does hurt the final sale price too.


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Dec 16, 2005
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For ebay, tracking is better. Tracking has proof of postage that is online. For Registered there is proof of posting but it is in the form of a piece of paper, and you will not know where it is in transit.