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May 15, 2009
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I was just looking at some of my old Champions cards and thought, what has been the best of the 10 Select AFL Champions releases. Keen to see what others are my thoughts

#10 (Worst) - 2015 : Not a fan of the Round corners, the firepower caricature cards were pretty ordinary and like the firepower mirror from previous years the Superstar refractors were barely a pass for the 1:36 card

#9 - 2013: As per above and the ugly design of the silver parallel. B&F probably nicest card from this release

#8 - 2014 : Similar reasons as 13 & 15...rounded corners, firepowers. Only reason it scored higher is Champions Gold parallel and that release had Jack Dyer case card

#7 - 2011: This may be a little controversial considering the inclusion of the Star signatures...which was fantastic to have signatures back in series 1. Though the card quality and design of this release is pretty ordinary (even the signature cards). Falls shorts when comparing draft rookies and Gem cards to previous years. Saviour was Fab 4

#6 - 2012: Did push to make Top 5 and not a bad release on reflection considering the inclusion of peel and reveal and the commencement of a great insert set...Milestone Cards. Club Trio weren't too bad and added surprise of Sam Newman case card signatures round out this release quiet nicely

So the top 5

#5 - 2009: Through 2009 & 2010 we saw a lot of Acetate cards and both very similar releases. The Superstar Mascot Gems very similar, design on 2010 slightly better though 2009 player selection was great. Both the 1:18 gem card insert Star Red versus Revelation Green were nice cards to collect and look great in folder all together. Though I do have slight preference for the Red Star Gem. So why do I rate 2010 slightly higher...basically comes down to 3 things the striking blue design of the Best of the Best versus Double Trouble (which I actually liked ratio being 1:108 packs), the Gold Foil signature of 2010 is a quality set and just pips the Force 5 in 2009...but probably deciding factor was 2010 includes Dustin Martin Draft Rookie card

#4 - 2010: As per above...Dusty !!!

#3 - 2008: Extremely tough to split the Top 3. This release has a soft spot for myself as I really got back into collecting around time of 07 Supreme & 08 Champions. Love look of the draft rookie cards (and some great names amongst them), The blue Mascot Gems are nice (again with great player selection), blue foil is one of the best looking insert sets going around and gold wrapping / packaging topped off this release. Only down side was probably player selection of sketch cards versus 2007. release

#2 - 2006: Up until 2020 Footy Stars this was the last time we saw Premiership Predictors in Series 1. Even better was the ability to collect all 16 teams and redeem for each clubs 2nd pick in the draft plus the premiership set. The good old days !!! This release then complimented by the Draft Rookie cards (1:18) and a nice draft crop to support and added bonus of signature redemptions. Only down side was no case card as part of this release

#1 - 2007 (Best) : GEM Cards all class, Sketch cards a fantastic selection of champions, draft rookies nice design, very good looking holofoil parallel set and finished off with the brilliant gold foil signature set. Only downside is that this set is hard to find...outside of some boxes here & there. In the end though the GEM, Sketch and Gold Foil cards are absolutely top notch.

Keen to see what others think
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Dec 27, 2008
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great write up dawg..
06' - with the draft rookies cards was special
11' - the star sighs were a welcome inclusion
its tough to fire up the old memory bank when it comes to series 1, lot of releases blend into each other