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If you would like to see pictures of the cards send me your email and i will send you an email with the pictures. Most of my cards that are or were of a Brisbane Bronco is personally signed. Prices do not include postage.

Framed 3 card set Brad Fittler National Heroes with exchange card and certificate of authenticity from Dynamic series 1 #975/1000- $150.00

Dynamic Series 1 Brad Fitler National Heroes - $20.00

1994 series 1 Dynamic Gold Chase Cards Stuart, Steve Walters, Mackay, Coyne and Kerrod Walters. Kerrod Walters is personally signed, no certificate. Will sell as a set of 5 only - $50.00

1995 Origin Men Of Steel 9 card set framed. Daley, Fitler, Harragon, Langer, Larson, Pay, Renouf, Stuart, Walters. No signatures. As set only - $50.00

Dynamic 94 Masters Captains Choice Serdaris, Clyde, Carrol, Florimo, Smith, set only $50.00

Dynamic 94 Supporters Choice. I have 9 of 10. Stuart, Langer signed, Meninga, Daley, Clyde, Lamb, Walters, Ettinshausen, Carne signed. Will sell only the 9 of them as a whole - $50.00

Wendell Sailor Rookie Sensations Dynamic 1994 Kangaroo Tour limited edition, personally signed $50.00

Dynamic 96 series 1 All Star Team Menzies, Dallas, Andrew Johns, Dean Pay, Lazarus, Steve Walters, Croker the lot for $15.00

Regina 1993 series 1 - 174. missing 109 and 114. Comes in official red album however the plastic on front has been ripped off. no cards are signed. $30.00

1994 Dynamic series official album including all of series 1, series 2, Dynamic Duos set, Dynamic 1994 Masters - $120.00 Broncos cards are personally signed.

Stimorol 1991 set including kangaroo v lions set, not in mint condition. some cards are personally signed. $45.00
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