Rate the last movie you watched

Madam webb 6.5/10

I did not feel this was as bad as it was made out to be. Dont get me wrong i probably wont watch it again but i wasn’t laughing along at how stupid it is

Plot and villain could have been much better and yeah was a bit flat overall.

Still better than that adam sandler spaceman shit on Netflix not long ago and im a big sandler fan
Rebel Moon part 2. Not reviewing this one but will say this

Struggled to watch. Ended up fast forwarding the last 40/60 minutes stopping every now and again to see what was happening which wasn’t bloody much
I literally just forced myself to watch the first one, acceptable but not got much more to say.
Last Voyage of the Demeter - 7/10

No secret I am a vampire buff and this movie was a worthy addition to the genre.
The 6/10 IMDB gave this is, is very harsh.
A very simple plot and only a very small portion of the Bram Stoker novel but they did it well.
Centered entirely on the boat trip from Europe to England.

went mid 90's and hit out 'THE QUICK AND THE DEAD'
straight foward and to the point shoot out western,
Gene hackman (was great) r.Crowe / Leo and sizzling 90's Sharon Stone !!!
very much enjoyed ... 7/10*

Ready the popcorn...hitting the flicks today = LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL
LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL (cinema) why they classed this as horror..I don't know? slow to start and then just mundane to the end. More suspense jumps then any horror.
average 5/10*
 fall (Netflix) stumbled across this today
and was pleasantly surprised with how good it was. Very ingrossing with a nice twist to it...
ending was a bit short and sharp, but all up a winner. 8/10*
followed FALL with a aussie re-watch ' ANIMAL KINGDOM' from 2010, god damm this flick still holds the same intensity as it did back then. Ben Mendelsohn is awesome in this gritty O.Z crime flick ... excellent 9/10*
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