Rate the last movie you watched

Aquaman and all that other shit - 6/10

DC and Marvel have really lost the plot of late, or is that just me.
They really got the cake and somehow manage to fk it up.
This movie had so much promise and they went with the tried and true fail.
I enjoyed the first but this ... not feeling it at all.

Operation Mincemeat

I like historical movies especially those that are set in a period of war. This deals with a 'deception' by British intelligence to throw off the Nazis from thinking the Allies would land in Sicily to start their campaign in Europe in June 1943.

They try to make the Germans think that they will land in Greece and go up through the Balkans. I'd never heard of the story and the plot is awesome - if you like that sort of thing.
I love horror style movies( conjuring universe, etc) but for some reason I had never watched Prom Night. I love Halloween, Friday the 13th and most of the stuff from the late 70's early 80's but Prom Night( 1980 with Jamie Lee Curtis) was an absolute Barry Crocker. I was amused by how bad it was.

The disco music at the actual Prom Night was out of control and the killing scenes comical. I also failed to guess who the murderer was because it was confusing as to who was who.

A true "B" grade horror. More like Z grade. I might have to watch it again for a laugh. The disco music was nuts
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