For Sale Pokemon + yugioh - Bulk, Grey stamp shadowless, STAFF cards


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Hi Everyone,
I'm new here so please do feel free to correct me or point me in the right direction if I'm posting something wrong.
I was a broke PSA collector/addict a few years ago and now I am looking to sell my collections.

Due to spoiler tags not working I have an album with every item which can be found here
All prices are negotiable and for the single pokemon cards, Tracked postage will be included.
Happy to negotiate prices+postage for the bulk lots.


Psa 7 Grey stamped shadowless 1st edition base set pikachu $175

PSA 10 Glaceon City Champs STAFF Card $600


Bulk lot (25+) psa 10 com/uncom metal raiders 1st ed $250

Varying psa6-9 LoB 1st edition Bulk lot(85-110) $400
Not a sure on exact card count, between 80-110
You are buying a bulk lot of various rated psa cards from legend of blueyes 1st edition.

Also, regarding the fresh Ebay account, I had requested my old account get shut down due to some stalker issues irl.
But you can check it here:
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