PC Battle 4 - Round 2 - Group B

Who has the best cards??

  • xavierty - Kevin Love

    Votes: 2 5.7%
  • KB. - Al-Farouq Aminu

    Votes: 13 37.1%
  • Roydngr - Kyrie Irving

    Votes: 3 8.6%
  • araiee - Lebron James

    Votes: 17 48.6%

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Magic Johnson and David Robinson ON CARD autos
Feb 6, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
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The competition is getting tighter, the cards are getting crazier! Check out these crazy submissions for round 2 and tell us which 2 should progress to the FINAL!!

Round 2

Group B


xavierty - Kevin Love

Flawless Benchmarks /10

UD Radiance /99

KB. - Al-Farouq Aminu

National Treasures 2010-11 Pen Pal's RC auto /5



Preferred 2011-12 Silhouettes patch auto /25


Roydngr - Kyrie Irving

12/13 Prizm Gold RC

12/13 Select Prizm Gold RPA


araiee - Lebron James

13/14 select black prizm 1/1

06/07 UD trilogy lebron/magic/roy r/year auto 3/3


Tag Team Quads 93/94
Nov 21, 2009
Auckland, New Zealand
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Boy... A nice Flawless auto, then a sweet Silhouette, then some average photography of some great gold cards, then Lebron sweeps through and dominates as usual...


The (un)official PC Showdown Special Comments Guy
Oct 31, 2009
Adelaide, SA
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Better late than never........so here goes nothing!

Xavierty's first couple of offerings are a pretty good contrast. The massive on card auto is a good reminder of why guys like K Love can't sign 1500 of those beauties and have the auto still look good on card. The Flawless gold on white finish is a classic combination which always looks good - they've been gold plating stuff for ages and even when they sprinkle it on food in a restaurant you know you're talking about QUAL-EE-TEE! I guess you might say folks don't use that much gold foil on low end, garden variety stuff... The FT shooting pose is testament to his solid but hardly noteworthy .814 mark from the charity stripe (sarcasm intended) but at least it looks like he's smiling with that mouthguard in! Almost Delly like! The 30/30 benchmark was a little bit lost on me - surely not a 30pt 30 rebound effort? But yes, that is indeed what happened - he dropped the big 30-30 bomb on the visiting Knicks who went with a small ball lineup and got smashed on the glass 56 to 43. Perhaps most impressive of all was that of those 31 rebounds, 12 of those were on the offensive glass which is one of the hardest stats to gather in pro ball. Now THAT is an occasion worth commemorating - perhaps they should have numbered the card to 30?????? Ohhhhh Radiance, how I adore thee, let me count the ways! Love that shimmery finish and the offset close up in the background with a nice full bodied action shot in the foreground - probably staged - but hey, that's what rookie photo shoots are for! Throw down like you mean it or get out! That brings me back to the rookie element and this card is no Panini parallel RC. This is the real McCoy, the old RC logo and details on his draft status. Useful stuff..... The auto is crisp and clear and completely on the sticker which is good, but it's on a sticker which is bad.... Why the carry on about sticker autos? ........because with stickers you can't get big on card autos like that featured on the Flawless!!!!!!!!! In any case if you're a pro slab guy you;d also appreciate that little number 94 from CGA which for those of you who can't read the small print it's mint goodness, just like a spearmint leaf! Solid duo!

KB starts off with a rarer than rare on card Octograph!!!!! I say rarer than rare because how many of you have in your collection one card with not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 autographs, but 8! Count em, 8! KB is the card collecting equivalent of the pruod Octo-Mum with his babies... They're all adorable kiddies too, big on card autos of the first 8 draft picks from the 2010 draft, the trouble maker is clearly Cousins who didn't sign in the designated signing area like the rebel he is. Tehother godo thing abotu this card is Aminu has shown off his earlier scorpion sig in all its glory! That auto just looks nasty, one of the best in the biz! This isn't only a great Aminu card but a great card in NBA history - at the time of signing we had no idea who out of the 2010 class was gong to be the next all-star, all-NBA selection or biggest bust candidate so this card is NBA folklore! A great piece from a moment in time. There isn't much to not like, but when your PC guy is arguably the 6th or 7th best auto on the card you can hardly say Aminu was the centrepiece of that design (the back of the card at the bottom is hardly the prime signing position). Plus 8 little mug shots is hardly endearing, but A,inu has that sleepy eyed assassin look to him which kind of draws you in for a closer look (to see if his eyes are actually open!). Still the fact that KB picked this beauty up shows just how much of a super-collector he is! 4 other autos on that card really driving the price up with other collectors and super low numbering /5 and KB has just said "bring it!". Great stuff! Another Prime Silhouette? Yes, we're gonna see a few in this PC battle royale! Why? Because the kick azz jumbo patches, on card autos and die cut action pics are just exemplary! The fade to white action pic is really neat as it doesn't distract your eye from that superb butterfly like Clippers patch with crazy breaks, colours and stitching, straight off the logo which is what us collectors like! Bonus points if you know where it's from on the jersey! If there are 25 more patches that good then I'm a monkey's uncle! On the downside you can see the difference in auto quality - the later autos have lost some of their, well, 'sting'! ...but it;s big, clear and on card so still plenty to like about it! I can't help but feel part of that pic is covering up some extra patchy goodness though and that border, ugh, that just leaves me stone cold. But all those negs are just small potatoes - Silos are a winning product full stop. Terrific twosome!

Roydnger does his best Goldmember impersonation by flopping out a big pair of............Panini Golds! I'm always bad at remembering the numbering but from memory these are /10 which makes them both super rare (and even rarer as a pair). The nice touch is that they;re also a nice slabbed MINT pair. Pop 1 surely? Looking at the sub-grades I think he was shafted on at least the first card (since when do cards in this day and age get an 8 for surface?) and if not both. Still it's hard to see things lek surface quality because of ALL THAT BLING! Prizm was always the shiniest of the bling and the golden hue is just heavenly, like a ray of sunshine cutting through the clouds of grey. Sorry, got a bit side tracked there but you get the point. From 12/13 Prizm there were no massive multiple parallel rainbows to chase so gold was it so there would have be no shortage people wanting these bad boys. The patch is in team colours with good contrast but the fact that it is a piping patch distracts from the overall effect, maybe it's just me, but I always want to see breaks and stitching. Leave the piping stuff for Popeye or the Scottish marching bands. The auto is complete and even though the picture shows no evidence of sticker I think these were so it must lose a few points for that. However the one thing I failed to mention was that these are rookie year offerings so as we all know - that ups the ante a fair bit! Off to a shiny golden start....

Araiee has the biggest cards of the biggest names in basketball! He doesn't dabble in top shelf stuff, he owns the top shelf! Kicks things off with a Bronski Black 1 of 1? Who does that? That's some serious SKILLS on display right there. It's not like anybody else would want that card anyway, right? Um, Kobe forever? The thing I like most about that one of one is it's understated classiness. No overcrowding with pictures, words, stats or numbering. If you don't know what Skills Bron offers on the hardwood there's not much point trying to tell you about it on a card. If you don't know the significance of Black in terms of basketball card collecting or need a little 1/1 stamp on the card to tell you it's something special then you don't deserve this card. You don't need to see the Prancing Horse badge on a Ferrari to know it's quality, you don't need to put your foot down to know it has serious game. A Black card titled Skills with Lebron on the front is all that needs to be said - and that sexy atomic refractory background is just the cherry on top - just like a bit of carbon fibre to make a good thing even just that little bit better. Trilogy auto /3 - wow! These are the players I like! Do it all types who can contribute in every stats column. 3/3 too ebay 1/1 - just saying.... Big on card autos, full frntal pics with the team jersey prominently on display for the franchises they helped make famous. Matchign blue sharpie is a nice look too - nothing worse than one black texta auto, a golden sharpie auto and something which has almost faded into oblivion. Not a big fan of the vertical autos on a horizontal card though and it is a bit sad when the 'future' Brandon Roy retired before the 'present' Lebron James so that is a tad melancholy. Overall though it looks like King James and his mad skills posse are looking solid.
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