PC Battle 4 - Round 1 - Group B

Who has the best cards?

  • SharpysSports - Paul George

    Votes: 3 7.7%
  • araiee - Lebron James

    Votes: 23 59.0%
  • Mico - Michael Jordan

    Votes: 6 15.4%
  • wjrwebber - Emeka Okafor

    Votes: 7 17.9%

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Magic Johnson and David Robinson ON CARD autos
Feb 6, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
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It’s back and it’s loaded with talent!

Heaps of new competitors and some of the old hats going head to head for the coveted prize of being crowned Ozcardtrader PC Battle Champion!

There will be 3 rounds where I will randomly group together the competitors and have them each submit 2 cards to be ogled and voted on by the Ozcards public.

Round 1 will be 4 groups with 4 competitors in each. The top 2 vote getters from each round will progress to the next round until we have only 1 champion remaining. I will personally donate a nice prize to the winner and will also create a unique Sig or avatar that the winner can post on their profile to boast for as long as they want.

Voting will be open for 1 week each round to allow the seasonal visitors enough time to come in and have their say.

Let’s get it started!

Round 1

Group B

@SharpysSports - Paul George
@araiee - Lebron James
@Mico - Michael Jordan
@wjrwebber - Emeka Okafor

SharpysSports - Paul George

Immaculate Numbers Patch /10

Select Double Team Patch /10

araiee - Lebron James

Chronology patch auto /35

Gold Standard Bullion tag 2/2

Mico - Michael Jordan

SP Game Used Swatches of Class

SP Authentic Sign of the Times

wjrwebber - Emeka Okafor

National Treasures Tag

Exquisite Emblems of Endorsement

Now we just sit back, bask in their greatness and wait for the impeccably accurate commentary from Ozcards' own @skip20 to tell us what we should have seen the first time we looked!

Good luck everyone!


The (un)official PC Showdown Special Comments Guy
Oct 31, 2009
Adelaide, SA
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Gentlemen you know all the rules so let's have a good clean fight!

Sharpys gets to the point with a couple of low numbered PG patches /10. The jumbo patch is the epitome of everything Immaculate does right - ridiculously big and gorgeous team coloured patches, good use of foil and the nice use of a pic to size in the amount of space left in the right hand side corner. The thing I like best about the jumbo patch is it is labelled as a "Numbers patch" so you know exactly where it came from and why it is low serial #d. What is more personal to a player than his choice of number? Great idea and a great patch. On the downside there's till a fair whack of humble 'GU' in this offering and no jagged or diverging lines which would have really maked it pop. I'm guessing it;s from the left hand side of the '4' but I'm always bad at guessing these things... The Select Double Team patch was a bit of a unusual choice because I thought most guys would go for a least one auto. Roy Hibbert isn't exactly a Pcaer friendly choice at the moment either but nevertheless it brings the bling in an almost aromic x-fractory kind of way which people used to absolutely adore back in the day. The sparkle is really highlighted on that yellow Pacer background and the PG patch is a rather unusual combo of yellow, white and grey. The stand and deliver pic suits this type of card as it would've been a bit too busy to have two action pics on this offering too. Some real nice PG patchwork to start!

Araiee never messes around and drops two Bron bombs on us straight out the gate! He's addressed the 'What should I do?" dilemma by featuring cards from both Miami and Cleveland so he has both bases and camps covered. Bron bomb one is the classy Chronology product /35. The big on card auto is in the right place and it's alwasy nice when the patches match the jersey in the picture. What's even nicer is how the golden stitching seems to snake its way seamlessly into the patch windows and surrounding gold foil. The only real thing that could make this card better would perhaps be a bit of red in each of the patches but that's just me being picky - the golden stitching is just straight out 'regal' which is fitting for NBA royalty like King James! The GS Bullion tag #2/2 is also an ebay 1/1 - not exactly a main feature here but I;d just point out any card #d /2 will always be an ebay 1/1! I look at this card and just wonder how many collectors out there battled for this card! The Adidas logo and Clima cool tag sit perfectly in the window and the tag isn't warped or stretched as some seem to be. Something that cool though needs to be a 1/1 - save the other half for another day. Hard to fault but perhaps some ocker room scrawlings about the allocated player in the Player ID field would have knocked this one out of the park! Brontastic start!

Mico loads up with a couple of GOATs! It's always hard to beat a MJ cad, because, well, it is His Airness afterall. What stacks up alongside a MJ patch or auto? It's gonna take a lot of beating, right? If you're not a Panini fan then the MJ UD exclusive is music to your ears! The SPGU Swatch of Class patch has that classic ebay 1/1 numbering and comes in the classic Bulls red, black and white. The sepia tones convey that old school sentiment very well and something like a rookie year photo really would have been put to good effect here. Nevertheless, the pic used is a great action pic of MJ taking flight and finishing at the rim. What is unusual about the pic though is that it's missing his trademark tongue hanging out signature move. The auto is more SP goodness /25 with what is obviously a perfect on card auto and we can take it as written that the card is as Mint as the grading says it is. The card definitely catches your attention with the burnt orange background but the design imo is lacking in originality and could do with a bit more basketball action if you know what I mean... Is GOAT is good!

wjrwebber answers with the NBA's forgotten bigman and former #2 pick Emeka Okafor. I'm not sure of the numbering on the NT tag - but getdafuqouttahere with that filthy patch! I ask you, if you could design a Hornets patch card and fit something in that little square with only one Hronets jersey to work with what would you do? The answer my friends is staring you in the face! Undeniably one of the greatest Hornets patch cards ever seen, straight from the Fleur De Lis or whatever you call it (note to self, take it easy on Assassin's Creed Unity for a while). Couple that with a big on card auto and it's a winning combination every time! Emeka's Exquisite Emblems of Endorsement is an absolute mouthful but you have to like the use of that many words beginning with the letter E. Gotta love the almost symmetric patches sandwiching the big on card auto. Everything is in its place and in its element. Beautiful card to look at, colour scheme, layout, patches, gold foil, nice low numbering too. If you have to find fault it's with the slightly streaky auto and the passe FT shooting pose (not exactly how we want to think of Okafor at his best). Exemplary Emekas to kick off round 1...

Big names and some big cards - vote it up!