OZCT January 2019 Upgrade ✌️👍👍


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Hi all

We made an upgrade to the site a couple of days ago which seems to have gone well.

There's some cosmetic changes as well as some functional ones. One such one is notifications on Android and some browsers. You have the option of enabling these to be notified via a notification for alerts.

Also there are now more options than just liking a post. If you click and hold on like a few options pop up. Happy to add more options to these if you have any suggestions.

A few other things like different message box for typing replies as well as an improved uploader on mobile devices. There's a new bookmark feature to bookmark important threads and we have reintroduced the ability to see when someone has read a thread to Premium Members.

Click on the smilies box and scroll down you've got a complete range of emojis to use. Emojis are also now able to be used in posts and titles (this has been around for a while but not really noticed 🤪)

I hope you enjoy the changes! Thank you to all of our @Premium Member who contribute to the site to make upgrades like these possible.

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