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Hey everyone, with the NHL season just around the corner and some new products in the horizon I wanted to see if there is much of a scene on here.

I did a bit of a search and there wasn't much that has popped up post or comment wise recently unfortunately for "NHL" or "hockey".

Is there people that do collect it here? Is there people that are interested and haven't started?
(Bumping this thread for general Hockey collector chat)

Don't have any slabbed cards in my hockey collection, but I saw a Kuzmenko Young Guns PSA9 on COMC auctions for $2. Ended up winning it for $15.

nek minnt


There had been trade rumours for about a month tho, so not totally unsurprising. Its a lot to give up, but I can't say I hate the go hard or go home ballsiness of it.

Also doubled down on Wednesday Slapperz + The Cup again at Cherry to walk away with nothing, again.

Also didn't win $200m

My luck is not great at the moment! 😅
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