NFL Team Lots for Price of Postage

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I have the following team lots for the price of postage only. They are mainly Late 80's early 90's.

Arizona Cardinals - Approx 4.5cm high pile
Atlanta Falcons - Approx 4.5cm high pile
Buffalo Bills - Approx 7.5cm high pile
Chicago Bears - Approx 6cm high pile
Cincinnati Bengals - Approx 5cm high pile
Cleveland Browns - Approx 4.5cm high pile
Dallas Cowboys - Approx 2cm high pile
Detroit Lions - Approx 4cm high pile
Green Bay Packers - Approx 4.5cm high pile
Houston Oilers - Approx 6cm high pile
Indianapolis Colts - Approx 4.5cm high pile
Kansas City Chiefs - Approx 5cm high pile
LA Raiders - Approx 6cm high pile
Miami Dolphins - Approx 5.5cm high pile
Minnesota Vikings - Approx 5cm high pile
New England Patriots - Approx 5cm high pile
New Orleans Saints - Approx 5.5cm high pile
New York Giants - Approx 5.5cm high pile
New York Jets - Approx 4cm high pile
Philadelphia Eagles - Approx 2cm high pile
Pittsburgh Steelers - Approx 4.5cm high pile
San Diego Chargers - Approx 5cm high pile
San Francisco 49ers - Approx 5cm high pile
Seattle Seahawks - Approx 4cm high pile
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Approx 4cm high pile
Washington Redskins - Approx 6.5cm high pile

College - Approx 9.5cm high pile
Misc - Approx 3.5cm high pile
World League - Approx 2cm high pile
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