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Yesterday was the last penrith show for the year.I would like to thank all the ozcard members who have turned up each time over the year and brought cards from me.Also to finally meet some of you face to face.Matt26,Gavin,Bar4kids,DMC,Leopold,royster,murphy46,Richard,wookiedragon,3bet,no doubt,parathruandthru,and anybody else i have forgot to mention..And thankyou to Lee for helping me pack up the tables yesterday.These shows could not be possible without you.One final thankyou goes to Michael from Diggaz cards,who has the best display of sporting cards at the show,and goes out of his way to promote the product he is so passonate about.This might sound like im kissing a lot of arse,but without this website and the collectors fairs and shows where ever you live,life would be so boring.Thanks once again.
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