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Sep 11, 2011
byron bay
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clint morriss
hay guys just a little about my self ,

Im a baller so basketball is my hobby im in my 30s so i was right in the thick of the 90s basketball boom.I collected cards back then i had well over 1000 cards looking back some of them would of been worth so money now but have lost them over the years .I have just started collecting again and im so in love with it cards these days just blow me away i havent had a big hit yet but my time will come . I just wanted to put this question out there i wanted to know if you guys think there would be a market for a NBL basketball card just like the nba one with autos and jerseys and 1/1 player cards you could do legends and import legends of the past.I think with the NBL making a bit of a come back it would be a good thing i know i would collect them

thanks bigdog