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Mar 6, 2021
Ballarat, Victoria
Real Name
Adam Daws
Hi all, I am currently back into the card game and am chasing some high end inserts from the past 10 years to add to my doggies collection, if you would have any please comment below or message, thank you so much

2011 Select Infinity

Mitch Wallis 2010 Draft Signature

2012 Select Eternity

Clay Smith 2011 Draft Signature

2013 Future Force

Tom Boyd Future Force Signature

Marcus Bontempelli Future Force Signature

2013 Select Prime

Jackson Macrae 2012 Draft Pick Signature

2014 Select Honours 1

Tom Boyd 2013 Draft Pick Signature

Marcus Bontempelli 2013 Draft Pick Signature

2015 Future Force

Josh Dunkley Future Force Signature

Josh Schache Future Force Signature

2015 Select Honours 2

Tom Liberatore Select Certified Signatures

2016 Future Force

Tim English Future Force Signature

2016 Select Certified

Easton Wood Select Certified Signatures

Josh Dunkley 2016 Rookie

2016 Premiership Redemption x2

2017 Future Force

Aaron Naughton Future Force Signature

Club First Draft Pick Redemption - Western Bulldogs

2017 Select Certified

Marcus Bontempelli Footy’s Finest Refractor

Tim English 2017 Rookie

Patrick Lipinski 2017 Rookie

Adam Treloar Select Certified Signature

2018 Select Legacy

Aaron Naughton 2018 Rookie

Ed Richards 2018 Rookie

Aaron Naughton 2018 Draft Pick Signature

Caleb Daniel Select Certified Signature

Marcus Bontempelli Future Hall Of Fame

Robert Murphy Future Hall Of Fame

2019 Select Dominance

Bailey Smith 2019 Rookie

Rhylee West 2019 Rookie

Will Hayes 2019 Rookie

Bailey Smith Draft Pick Signature

Tom Boyd Players Ink Signature

Jack Macrae Dominance

2019 Select Supremacy

Marcus Bontempelli Common

Lachie Hunter Common

Jason Johannisen Common

Jack Macrae Common

Toby McLean Common

Easton Wood Common

Lewis Young Franchise Future Signature

Josh Schache Franchise Future Signature

Tom Boyd Finals Folklore

Tom Boyd Finals Folklore Signature

Jason Johannisen Norm Smith Medallist

Jason Johannisen Norm Smith Medallist Signature

Jack Macrae Superstar Patch

2020 Select Dominance

Cody Weightman 2020 Rookie

Cody Weightman Draft Pick Signature

Jack Macrae Influential

Marcus Bontempelli Captain Signature

2021 Select Footy Stars

Aaron Naughton BANG!

Jack Macrae BANG!

Bailey Smith BANG!

Jason Johannisen BANG!

Josh Dunkley BANG!

Bailey Smith Marquee

Zaine Cordy Lightning Starburst
Marcus Bontempelli Brownlow Predictor

Tim English Brownlow Predictor

Jack Macrae Brownlow Predictor

Bulldogs Brownlow Predictor Wildcard

2021 Bulldogs Premiership Predictor
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