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My wishlist:

2018 Elite:
Dally M 2(Cam Smith), 13(Slater)
Young Guns 7(Croft)
Cameron Smith common box card

2018 Traders:
Season to Remember 19(Slater)
Club Heroes 14(Scott)
Startoons 8(Munster)
Authentics 7(Glasby)
Dynamic Duos 2(Addo-Carr & Vunivalu)

2017 Elite:
Impact 26(Munster), 27(Slater)
Captain 7(Cam Smith)
Dally M 1(Cronk)

2017 Traders:
Pearl parrallels - all
Club Heroes 13(J.Bromwich)
Startoons 8(Slater)

2016 Elite:
Engine Room 25(Finucane), 26(Glasby)
Captain 7(Cam Smith)

2016 Traders:
Faces of the Game 20(Chambers), 21(Slater)
Pieces of the Puzzle 15(Cam Smith), 20(Cam Smith), 37(J.Bromwich), 40(Koroibete), 46(J.Bromwich), 60(Green), 76(Cam Smith)

2015 Elite:
Pennants 31(Chambers), 32(Cronk), 33(Hinchcliffe), 34(Slater), 35(Cam Smith)
Young Guns 13(Tonumaipea), 14(Kaufusi)
Road to Immortality 2(Slater)

2015 Traders:
Pieces of the Puzzle 23(Cam Smith), 32(J.Bromwich), 41(J.Bromwich)
Thunder and Lightning 13(Proctor), 14(Chambers)
Club Leaders 7(Cronk)

2014 Elite:
Master and Apprentice 13(Cronk), 14(Hampton)
Album/Folder Card (Cronk)

2013 Elite:
Future Stars 7(Britt)

2012 Select:
One Community Card (Cronk)

2006 Invicible:
Top Prospects 1(Inglis)

2003 XL:
Future Force 35 (Slater)

2002 Challenge:
Future Force 19(Perenara)

2000 Melbourne Storm Millenium:
1(Ross), 2(Geyer), 3(Moule), 4(Martin), 5(Bai), 6(Lavea), 7(Kimmorley), 8(Kearns), 9(Swain), 10(Howe), 11(Rua), 12(Kearney), 13(Hill), 14(Williams), 15(Marquet), 16(Bawden), 17(Roarty), 18(Anderson)
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My trading/selling list:

1995 Series 1:
205 (Dally Messenger)

2001 Impact:
Dally M Player of the Year (Barrett)
Dally M Captain of the Year (Walters)
Clive Churchill Medal (Lockyer)
Provan Summons (Johns)
Re Player of the Year (Girdler)
Club Player of the Year 1(Mears), 2(Sailor), 3(El Masri), 4(Croker), 6(Fairleigh), 7(O'Neill), 8(Bowman), 9(Muir), 10(Hindmarsh), 11(gower), 12(Peachey), 13(Barrett), 14(Fittler)

2005 Power:
Club PLayer of the Year 1(Civoniceva), 2(Ryan), 3(Schifkofske), 4(Stevens), 5(Hicks), 7(Buderus), 8(O'Donnell), 9(Hindmarsh), 10(Gower), 11(Head), 12(Harrison), 13(Finch), 14(Koopu), 15(Hodgson)
Centre Stage 2(Williams)

2005 Tradition:
Tri Nations 25(Wing)

2008 Champions:
Sketch 6(Zillman), 9(Laffranchi), 27(Tupou), 30(Rapira)
Foil Signature 1(Lockyer), 18(Kite), 23(MacDougall), 28(Smith), 29(Hayne), 33(Puletua), 34(Hornby), 38(Widders), 39(Fa'alogo)
Gem Card 2(Sonny Bill Williams), 3(Carney)

2008 Centenary:
Past Heroes 19(O'Reilly), 20(Ella), 23(Barrett)
Immortal Sketch 5(Langlands no.410)

2009 Champions:
Mascot Gem 65(Harrison)

2015 Traders:
Pieces of the Puzzle 37(Vidot)
Season to Remember 19(Kite)

Plus assorted base cards and parrallels.
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G'day Matt,
If you still need i have faces of the game No's. 19 and 21 and pieces of the puzzle No. 16 from 2015 traders.
I need 2005 Tradition Australian Tri nations squad members No.2-3-4. If your not happy with that i can pick something else from your trade list.
Thanks Ray.
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