UFC Miesha Tate & the Gang



Been chasing one of these for a while, but people always wanted some ridiculous price. With KO2014 just out last year's cards are popping up cheap.

They need to make one change for those to be incredible cards.... why the hell would they use a paint pen that dries out between every signature and looks ultra untidy ;)
Love the card bro but topps are consistently making decisions based upon some marketing manager that needs to pull his head outta his clam
Been looking more into Japanese trading cards lately, mostly the Puroesu ones put out by BBM (Baseball Magazine). Kinda difficult given the language barrier, meaning a lot of their products don't get sold outside of Japan, and the Japanese haven't seemed to have taken to eBay. Yahoo Auctions is the top dog over there, but again, language barrier.

Anyway spotted these from a US seller on eBay, and had to have them, even just for the Minowaman alone!


Only one I wasn't familiar with was John Lober. Went 5-9, but had a notable win over Frank Shamrock at a Superbrawl event in '97. However he lost a rematch at UFC Brazil in '98


Bas Rutten should be obvious, the other guy is Volk Han (ie Magomedkhan Amanulayevich Gamzatkhanov) the original Sambo master. Fought is entire career with RINGS, and towards the end of his career was part of the Russian RINGS Team which featured a young Fedor. Had a retirement fight in 2012, after an 11 year hiatus, against Funaki which ended in a draw, leaving him 21-8-1.
Been sitting on a bunch of mail for months

What better time than 3am to do an update!


016/165 | 4/8 | 36/50


001/209 | 6/8 | 4/15


33/50 - Hadn't seen one of these before when it popped up. Didn't know the set existed.


Love me some Shibata

And I'll include this one sitting in my comc account, because I have no idea when I'll get it shipped..


:D Found it interesting that the mat is apparently from Strikeforce 39.
Huge mailday well done mate, few nice additions. Sitting on a bit of a gold mine with the way tate has blown up recently
Long time no see :D

I put a dead stop to cards when the exchange rate kept dropping and the money I was sinking into it kept creeping up. So everything basically sat in storage in COMC and in stacks on my desk for most of 2017. Even stopped logging onto OzCT because it was too tempting.

But I figured I better start sorting through it all, and got a couple of the ritzier pieces sent over from COMC.


Sad that Shibata's career looks likely to be over, just as NJPW were putting in the frame for an IWGP title run.




/10 This one came through a sale or trade on here.




1/1 :kick:

Had a couple of Tates sitting in my COMC inventory for a few years. In that time she split from Bryan Caraway, hooked up with Johnny Nunez, took a job with ONE Fighting Championship as VP, had two kids, unretired and re-joined the UFC, and even dropped down to Flyweight.

Anyway, finally got them shipped over.



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