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Listed a large bulk of inserts on ebay staring at $0.99
Link if you are interested

Cards included are
2018 select footystars

2018 die cut sets x3

1 selex complete set 121 cards

1 a graders complete set 54 cards

26 loose a graders

20 loose yellow starbursts

4 loose orange starbursts

Jake carlisle platinum brownlow 038/50

Robbie Tarrant gold brownlow 133/250

Sam mayes gold brownlow 203/250

Aaron hall gold brownlow 249/250

5x competition cards

Cam Sutcliffe milestone

2017 select certified

Tom Lynch match worn guernsey redemptionx2 139/160 and140/160

Toby greene match worn guernsey redemption 032/160

Callum mills medal winner

3x goal to goal cards Mitchell,Tarrant,Thompson

4x 460 cards

32 loose all Australian cards

2017 select futureforce

Adam cerra green signature 018/025

Oscar allen platinum signature 009/050

Joel garner platinum signature 016/050

Gws draft pick redemption 034/080

1 complete set of rainbow paralleles

166 loose rainbow parallels

2017 select footystars

63 loose holo foils

2017 teamcoach

Jack steven starwild

134 loose footy pop ups

36 loose gold/silver cards

2016 future force

30 loose all Australians
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