Mass Break 16 Box Case of 10/11 Classics, 12/13 threads SCANS IN


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Results of the classics case, will be busting and posting the threads case later tonite.

16 Box Case of 10/11 Classics


Lebron James Blast from the past
Kevin Durant Blast from the past
Kareem Abdul Jabbar Blast from the past
Magic Johnson Classic Greats
Larry Bird Classic Greats
Blake Griffin Dress Code
Kobe Bryant Classic Moments
Blake Griffin Classic Moments
Larry Bird/Robert Parish Classic Combos

Larry Bird Legends /999
David Robinson Legends /999
Alonzo Mourning Legends /999
Brandon Jennings Base 16/25
Brandon Roy Base 49/100
Derrick Rose Base 133/250
Doc Rivers Legends 7/25
David Robinson Legends 74/100
David Robinson Legends 115/250

Magic/Worthy Classic Combos 15/250
SP Frazier/Reed Classic Combos 63/250
Pippen/Rodman Classic Combos 197/250
Bill Russell Classic Greats 23/25
Bill Russell Classic Greats 9/100
Shawn Kemp Classic Greats 236/250
Wilt Chamberlain Classic Moments 21/25
Lebron James Classic Moments 36/100
Wilt Chamberlain Classic Moments 9/250

Rest of inserts
Blast from the past full set 1-25 Includes Lebron James, Kevin Durant ect
Dress Code Iguodala, Kidd, Howard, Jennings, Douglas, Deng, Love, Holiday, Wade , Griffin, Johnson, Bogut
Classic Combos Bird/Parish, Malone/Stockton, Robertson/Abdul Jabbar, West/Goodrich, Frazier/West, Thomas/Dumars, Pippen/Rodman, Thompson/Issel
Classic Combos SP Frazier/Reed 63/250, Pippen/Rodman 197/250, Magic/Worthy 15/250
Classic Greats Bill Russell, Ewing, Magic, Jones, Haywood, Westphal, Pippen, Kemp, Bird, Jackson, Kukoc, Mullin, Frazier, Hagan, Payton, Malone
Classic Greats SP Sam Jones 9/25, Bill Russell 23/25, George Gervin 68/100, Bill Russell 9/100, Shawn Kemp 236/250, Kukoc 127/250, Jones 230/250, Kemp 247/250
Classic Moments Chamberlain, Magic, Jennings, Rondo, Abdul Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Griffin
Classic Moments SP Wilt Chamberlain 21/25, Lebron James 36/100, Brandon Jennings 11/250, Wilt Chamberlain 9/250
Legends /999 Walton, Aguire, Finley, Mcmillian, Anderson, Bird, Moncrief, Rose, Chapman, Sikma, Thurmond, Robinson, Mourning, Bing, Heinsohn, Webber, Smith, West
Legends SP Sidney Moncrief 24/25, Jamal Mashburn 17/25, Doc Rivers 7/25, Webb 46/100, D Robinson 74/100, Williams 9/250, Jerry West 197/250, Mcmillian 25/250
David Robinson 115/250, Hakeem Olajuwon 139/250
Numbered Base Stoudemire 13/25, Jeff Green 6/25, Gordon 8/25, Brandon Jennings 16/25, Jamison 88/100, Diaw 90/100, Brewer 37/100, B Roy 49/100, P Gasol 35/100
Stuckey 65/100, Mahinmi 68/100, Derrick Rose 133/250, Blake Griffin 97/250, Lebron James 97/250, Bargnani 3/250, Billups 71/250, Hibbert 222/250, P Gasol 198/250
Brewer 199/250, Granger 88/250, Al Jefferson 126/250, J Smith 59/250, Salmons 23/250, Hickson 28/250, Felton 143/250


Shawn Marion Dress Code Gu 88/199, 144/199
Amare Stoudemire Dress Code Gu 10/199
Toney Douglas Dress Code Gu 166/199
Jrue Holiday Dress Code Gu 33/199
Luol Deng Dress Code Gu 143/199
Isiah Thomas / Joe Dumars Classic Combos GU 59/99
Yi Jianlian Blast from the past GU 161/199
Caron Butler Blast from the past GU 22/199, 139/199

Patrick Ewing Membership Patch 39/49
Tim Hardaway Membership Patch 43/49
Tim Hardaway Membership GU 71/499
Carmelo Anthony Membership GU 222/250, 226/250
Cylde Drexler Membership GU 468/499, 469/499, 274/499
Dwight Howard Membership GU 178/250, 57/250/
Karl Malone Membership GU 210/499
Dwyane Wade Membership GU 348/499
Scottie Pippen Membership Patch 42/49

Larry Johnson Membership GU 204/499
Chris Webber Membership GU 485/499
Charles Oakley Membership GU 225/250
Tyreke Evans Membership GU 47/499
Tim Duncan Membership GU 382/499
Kevin Love Membership GU 387/499
Tayshaun Prince Membership GU 64/499
Richard Hamilton Membership GU 322/499
Chuck Person Membership GU 315/499


Demarcus Cousins Rookie Auto 126/349
Eric Bledsoe Rookie Auto 547/699
Evan Turner Rookie Auto 43/299
Ed Davis Rookie Auto 170/449
James Anderson Rookie Auto 645/699
Ekpe Udoh Rookie Auto 339/399
Xavier Henry Rookie Auto 230/449
Cole Aldrich Rookie Auto 308/449
Wesley Johnson Rookie Auto 19/299

Dexter Pittman Rookie Auto 602/699, 94/699
Larry Sanders Rookie Auto 674/699, 130/699, 225/699
Luke Babbitt Rookie Auto 671/699, 560/699
Lance Stephenson Rookie Auto 443/699
Quincy Pondexter Rookie Auto 527/699
Terrico White Rookie Auto 478/699
Armon Johnsin Rookie Auto 454/699
Dominique Jones Rookie Auto 003/699
Trevor Booker Rookie Auto 383/699

Luke Harangody Rookie Auto 252/699
Kevin Seraphin Rookie Auto 635/699
Timofey Mozgov Rookie Auto 95/699
Lazar Hayward Rookie Auto 446/599
Andy Rautins Rookie Auto 338/699
Jordan Crawford Rookie Auto Redemption
Sherron Collins Rookie Auto Redemption (not pictured)

Al Jefferson Blast from the past 9/25
Dominique Wilkins Classic Greats 6/10
Lenny Wilkens Significant Signatures 81/99
Rolando Blackman Significant Signatures 95/99
Shane Battier Significant Signatures 6/49
Deron Williams Significant Signatures Redemption
Steve Nash Significant Signatures Redemption
Kareem Abdul Jabbar Significant Signatures 22/25

12/13 Threads 12 Box Case


Jeremy Lin Die Cut Insert
Damian Lillard Rookie Die Cut Insert
Dwight Howard Die Cut Insert
Derrick Rose High Flyers
Lebron James High Flyers
Blake Griffin High Flyers
Scottie Pippen Century Greats
Shaquille Oneal Century Greats
Larry Bird Century Greats

Other Die Cut:
Peace, Garnett, Faried, Leonard, Williams, Johnson, Love, Jackson, Hill, Kanter, Teague, Allen, Ibaka, Pierce, Robinson, Leonard
Rubio, Henson, Gorat, White, Zeller, Gasol, Jones, Ilyasova, Batum, Young, Melo, Fournier, Hayward, Rush, Jenkins

Other High Flyers:
Gay, Westbrook, Mcgee, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, Derozan, Durant, Jeremy Evans, Jordan, J.R.Smith, Gee, Faried, Wall, Iguodala,
Mcgrady, Nate Robinson, Richardson, Kobe Bryant, Brown, Terrence Williams, Ibaka, Stoudemire

Other Century Stars:
Moses Malone, Ewing, Sharman,Havlicek, Jabbar, Chamberlain, Erving, Magic Johnson, West, David Robinson, Isiah Thomas, Worthy
Hayes, Drexler, Baylor, Oscar Robertson, Walton, K.C.Jones

Kobe Bryant / Pau Gasol Talented Twosomes
Lebron James / Dwyane Wade Talented Twosomes
Russell Westbrook / Kevin Durant Talented Twosomes
Derrick Rose Floor Generals
Kyrie Erving Floor Generals
Russell Westbrook Floor Generals
Blake Griffin Inside Presence
Kevin Love Inside Presence
Tim Duncan Inside Presence

Other Talented Twosomes:
Deng/Boozer, Pierce/Rondo, Cousins/Evans, Miller/Lawson, Duncan/Parker, Stoudemire/Anthony, Curry/Lee, Gay/Conley, Millsap/Jefferson

Other Floor Generals:
Wall, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Curry, Lawson, Felton, Parker, Lin, Wade, Jennings, Holiday, Kidd, Sessions, Rubio, Harris

Other Inside Presence:
Bynum, Gasol, Lopez, Jefferson, Cousins, Garnett, Monroe, Gasol, Pekovic, Kaman, Hibbert, Bogut, Chandler, Mcgee, Jordan, Noah
Nene, Gortat, Thompson

John Wall Base Silver Parallel 19/99
James Harden Base Silver Parallel 18/99
Kendrick Perkins Base Gold Parallel 16/25
Caron Butler Base Silver Parallel 83/99
Nick Young Base Silver Parallel 12/99
Andrew Bogut Base Silver Parallel 47/99
Jason Richardson Base Silver Parallel 35/99
Nene Base Silver Parallel 56/99
Al Horford Base Silver Parallel 9/99
Al Harrington Base Silver Parallel 56/99
Marco Belinelli Base Silver Parallel 72/99

Jrue Holiday Authentic Threads GU
Rudy Fernandez Authentic Threads GU
Chase Budinger Authentic Threads GU
Jose Calderon Authentic Threads GU
Rajon Rondo Authentic Threads GU
Tim Duncan Authentic Threads GU
Dwight Howard Authentic Threads GU
James Harden Authentic Threads GU
George Hill Authentic Threads GU

Brandon Knight Rookie Auto
Enes Kanter Rookie Auto
Enes Kanter Rookie Auto
Robbie Hummel Rookie Auto
Norris Cole Rookie Auto
Kemba Walker Rookie Auto
Kendall Marshall Rookie Auto
Meyers Leonard Rookie Auto
Austin Rivers Rookie Auto

Terrence Jones Rookie Auto
Terrence Jones Rookie Auto
Tyler Zeller Rookie Auto
Jared Sullinger Rookie Auto
Evan Fournier Rookie Auto
Andrew Nicholson Rookie Auto
Jared Cunningham Rookie Auto
John Jenkins Rookie Auto
Fab Melo Rookie Auto

Draymond Green Rookie Auto
Bernard James Rookie Auto
Perry Jones III Rookie Auto
Doron Lamb Rookie Auto
Quincy Miller Rookie Auto
Orlando Johnson Rookie Auto
Kyle O'Quinn Rookie Auto
Dave Cowens Signage Auto
Robrt Parish Signage Auto

Andre Drummond Die Cut Auto
Jimmer Fredette Die Cut Auto
Kendall Marshall Die Cut Auto
Zach Randolp Signage Auto Redemption
Kawhi Leonard Die Cut Auto
Kawhi Leonard Die Cut Auto
Loul Dangggggg/Andre Iguodala/Caron Butler Triple Threads Patch 1/25
David Lee/Blake Griffin/Demarcus Cousins Triple Threads GU
Lamarcus Aldridge Century Stars Insert (1 per case)

3 Decent Cards

Derrick Rose / Chris Paul / Deron Williams Triple Threats Patch 1/25, Derrick Rose Jersey Number !!

Anthony Davis Rookie Auto

Kobe Bryant Die Cut Autograph


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Wow 2 cases in a day? That's extreme!! Haha

Great stuff mate, looking forward to Threads :)


X man Auto on the way, who next?
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Keen on getting the Celtics base cards if you dont want them, i take it you have a few from doing the case? LMK


Melbourne, Australia
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Thanks, 2 of the nicer cards, shame the nash is a redemption

Nice case there mate! Let me know if you decide to sell the Dwyane Wade Membership GU 348/499
Yeap all cards are avaliable except the triple patch

That would have been huge fun!
Yeap, havent busted much lately, making up for lost time haha

amazing patch on the Rose
The rose and paul patches were cool shame the deron isnt nicer, cant complain of course.


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AWESOME break! Love the kobe auto, of course, the triple patch is fantastic! Interested in a few if you decide to move them.
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