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In what can only be described as “challenging times” for our beloved hobby of cricket cards, I thought it paramount to remind all that you should never give up on the “chase”. Everyone collects for different reasons and outcomes and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Some people collect for favourite players, some for sets, some for master sets, some for IP chasing and some for a quick profit and some as an investment. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s fair to say the majority of us all collect for the same reason, we love our cricket.

Of late, regardless of what forum, pretty much everything you read is of the negative nature. Most of what you read has good merit in it, a bit is of topic and then there is some that is an obvious attack on the current suppliers and the “hatred” of their product. Everyone’s has their reasons and again everyone is entitled to their opinion. As the audience, we are also entitled to what we believe is fact, fiction or other.

At the end of the day, demand is always going to determine the viability of a product. If it’s collectible, affordable and available to the right audience through the right channels, then it’s going to work. If not, it simply will flop and the longevity of the product is always going to be questioned. Just remember that even the very best can pump out a mediocre product and I am not only talking about card manufacturers/companies.

So back on topic, cricket card collecting is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes you have to wait years to be able to find a card or cards you have on your wish lists. It could be its hard to find, your budget cant stretch or you just miss out because it’s about time and place....

you will see a photo of a card set I have had on my very small wish list for a long time. Unbelievably, it’s not a signature card but a very hard to find sought after NZ card. Limited to only 50 worldwide, I am not sure how many actually sit in collections. It’s in near mint condition and all three cards are matching in number 0032.

So, keep your love for cricket alive. If you don’t like what’s on offer today, expand your horizons to older sets or different countries. Just remember to keep your chase alive and share with the greater community the many positives cricket card collecting brings.

Happy collecting

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