Lord Twins

Received one my of Redemption’s today from Select , nice card
DP James Van Es St Kilda 88/90, P2 Coniglio Parallel 39/425,Treloar Prime Draft 50/100, P3 B Hill 417/425
P4 B Humphrey Parallel.401/425, P5 commons, P6 commons, P7 commons, P8 Dunkley Parallel 208/425, P9 M Jefferson Melb. DP 57/175.
P10 Sheezel Cornerstone 76/85, Larkey Parallel 413/325 cool pack, P11 Dixon P 49/425.
P12 commons, P13 commons, P14 S Green P 229/425, AA Heeney 139/195, P15 commons, P16 McCluggage V16 60/60.
P17 Viney P 375/425, Heeney TL 183/200, P18 commons, P19 Walters P 383/425, P20 B Smith TL 64/200, P21 Crows P 270/425, P22 Perkins P 250/425.
Now being a collector who collects anything and everything Footy card related I purchased this card the other day from Slabd. I like supporting these new businesses and received some great cards. A Robbie Gray signature plus a bonus Dusty card which looks ominous for a hand signed card ?? Great stuff guys looking forward to your next card
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Been watching some of those breaks on youtube so I decided to do a very quick small break . 1 starter pack and 1 Footy stars pack . Pack Salem Milestone, Gawn Luminous. Starter Phillipou Luminous Pack 1 Ignite Blakey, Tom Green Luminous, P2 Footy head S Draper, Neale Luminous, P3 Miers Thunderbolt 174/599
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