Looking for Ron Harper cards!! Please look at my wantlist...


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Hey everyone, I am a player super-collector of Ron Harper. I am interested in any short print cards out there. Below is my top priority wantlist. I am looking for other Ron Harpercards as well (oddball 90s, 90s serial numbered cards, 90s high end, panini flawless cards, jersey numbered cards, etc). Feel free to PM me if you have anything. THANKS!!

I need all 1/1's and printing plates plus...

LA Clippers
90-91 Hoops Prototype
91-92 Fleer 3D Acrylic Redemption #90

Chicago Bulls
98-99 Hoops Starting Five #98 /5
98-99 Skybox Thunder Rave #29 /150
98-99 Skybox Thunder Super Rave #29 /25
99-00 Fleer Supreme Court Collection #135 /20
99-00 Upper Deck MVP Super Script #21 /25

Los Angeles Lakers
00-01 Topps Gold Label Jerseys Leather TT6HL

Retired Upper Deck Cards
07-08 Chronology Autographs Gold 82 Bulls /10

Retired Panini Cards
10-11 Panini National Treasures Champions (Rodman, Kukoc, Jackson) #7 /2
11-12 Panini Preferred Decades Booklet Prime #5 /10
13-14 Panini Intrigue Immortalized Autographs Gold #60 /10 (redemption, not yet live)
20-21 Panini Illusions Trophy Collection Signatures Orange /10
21 Topps Finest Black Refractor /15
21 Topps Finest White Refractor /10
21 Topps Finest Red Refractor /5
21-22 Panini Obsidian Aurora Autographs Electric Etch Red /5

If you have something on my list, please send me a scan, pic and/or make me an offer!


Check out my Ron Harper cards at my Flickr!

You can also check on my website with my wantlist and my collection statistics!
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UPdating my wantlist! Please let me know if you can help me out!!
Hey guys! I have had some really good hits over the last 2 months! Thanks for all your help. I updated the photobucket and my website. Take a look and let me know if you got anything that can help me out!!
Hey all. the new panini preferred set came out and there are now 6 new Harper cards I am looking for, including new 1/1's. Please let me know if you hear anything!!
Hey everyone, I updated by photobucket today! Take a look and keep me in mind if you see any other 1/1's floating around!
Hi mate
$10 delivered for this and it's yours
Thanks but already have this one (and the entire rainbow for Harper from this set!)
updated the wantlist. Let me know if you got anything on there.
Not looking for any panini cards other than whats on the wantlist and 1/1 cards or plats
I am looking to get some extra of the 90s and early 00's rare Ron Harpers though, so shoot me a message or a scan if you got something SN or international and scarce laying around

i still need that one - haven't seen any hit ebay yet. I've been real unimpressed with the quality of luxe this year. Half the cards I've gotten in don't sit well in the frame and I can see exposed cardboard side of card through the frame.

I think I'll wait out ebay a bit longer, given that I don't live in Australia and shipping would likely be more, but i'll hit you up in a couple months if I have not found one closer to home.

I updated my wantlist above as well as my photobucket and website via the links in the OP.

alas no Harpers, but just wanted to say that's a frickin outstanding collection, mate.

It's awesome to see some really really huge and epic non-megastar collections of 90's players. I collect Damon Stoudamire and its been a bit more interesting recently with a bunch of the retro players coming into the newer release setlists. loved seeing all the classic cards in your collection, especially the rare 90's album. if you want to check my stuff out, its here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/damonite/albums

started following you on flickr too, keep it up!
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