Last Person Standing competition - 2018 FINALS EDITION!


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Hello everyone, welcome back to Last Person Standing! It is of course time for the yearly finals edition. This follows a thrilling regular season version where @Tazhawk and @VAMH26 slugged it out before being knocked out together 16 rounds in - the longest competition yet! As a result their names go up on the Honour Board - Tazhawk for the second time, and VAMH26 for the first.


Who will be the next to get their name on there?

This competition will be in a similar format to usual. Just pick one winner every week to advance to the next, but you can't pick any team twice. If you get to the Grand Final but have already chosen both of the teams competing in it, you are out! If a large number of people are still in the comp for the Grand Final, there may be a tie-breaker for that game (e.g. margin or cumulative score) but we'll get to that when it comes.

As always you have to nominate your team in this thread before their game's start time for that week. I will keep this post updated with all picks and everyone's remaining teams.

Good luck all :)


Preliminary Finals:

atributetopants: West Coast :thumbsup:
Tazhawk: West Coast :thumbsup:
Scotty_WCE: West Coast :thumbsup:
Paddy K: Richmond


Scotty_WCE: Melbourne :thumbsup:
atributetopants: Melbourne :thumbsup:
Paddy K: Melbourne :thumbsup:
Tazhawk: Collingwood :thumbsup:

Qualifying/Elimination Finals:

Scotty_WCE: GWS :thumbsup:
atributetopants: GWS :thumbsup:
Tazhawk: Melbourne :thumbsup:
poita: Sydney
Paddy K: GWS :thumbsup:
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