James Ennis PC website

Athletic and a sure member of NBA frequent flyer club. Nice collection... keep it coming :)
Thanks man, it's an enjoyable pc. Looks like the Heat are going to keep him on the roster too. Hopefully he gets enough minutes off the bench to make an impact. To be honest I wouldn't have minded him being traded to another team as the Heat have too deep a roster and I am sure he's got a lot of potential to be unleashed given the opportunity at the right club.
I have completed the mission of re-photographing every card (Yes, as in with an actual camera) and updated my PC website today. First time in quite a while. As I don't bother posting maildays anymore there's a fair bit to be seen. Please note there is a page 2 to the Photo Gallery now too (Much to my annoyance, would have rather it stayed on 1 page)
So it's been a while since I updated - It's taken a few days but is now 100% up to date.
Cheers mate, need to add a few bits and pieces that arrived the other day.
Got a pre match used 76ers warm up top and some cards..
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