I'm back. (spoilers)


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Hey guys :wave:

Haven't been very active over the last few years on here or even collecting in general, but really got back into it recently :) In fact its been over 2 years since my last Hayward mailday and been 3 years since my last big mailday. If interested you can see it below :D. It's also been 5 years (tomorrow) since the day i joined this site, time sure flies so i wanted to thank everyone i've had a pleasure to deal with =D>


Recently sold off a couple of my Hayward PC cards and now that i'm more financially stable (having a part time job whilst studying), thought it was time to get a card one of my favourite players since day 1 in the league :hearts:

In the words of the g.o.a.t :goat: The 2 words that sent the NBA world crazy when he announced it :woot:

The man with ice water in his vein. Aka Mr 4 Quarter. Aka Uncle Drew. KYRIEEE IRVINGGG :kick:
(SPOILER) and now his an NBA CHAMPION! Still buzzing from yesterday, absolutely unbelievable! THAT stepback 3 on STEPH :hearts: You know what they say...His a BAD BAD MAN! :worthy:

I'm Back.png

As some may know already, i already had 2 Kyrie autos, so I thought it was time to expand it a little from before lol

Firstly, managed to pick this Kyrie up, which sadly is in my COMC lot waiting to be shipped :thumbsdown: But i can't wait till it arrives to pair it with the King. (SPOILER) Thanks to them, the CAVALIERS DID IT! CHAMPIONS for the first time! :hearts:

Kyrie-Irving (2).jpg

Also managed to pick this Rookie Auto up in a trade thanks to @mattyman76 :thumbsup:


Bringing the Kyrie Auto collection up to 3....I couldn't stop there, and decided to picked up this beauty :), but sadly hasn't arrived yet, as it's in my COMC lot waiting to be ship :thumbsdown:

Kyrie-Irving (1).jpg

Meaning I already doubled the amount of Kyrie's I had, but I wanted to get another. Thanks to @T-WOLF FAN for the great deal on this :)


Bringing my Kyrie auto collection up to 5...I was on a roll so i thought why stop now? lol

ABSOLUTELY STOKED to pick this sneaker patch/auto :woot:, never remembered seeing much of these around before so i decided to get one. Felt it was a life need :whistle: Sadly again it's in my COMC lot to be shipped :thumbsdown:

Kyrie-Irving (3).jpg

Saw this pop up and couldn't stop the roll i was already on lol... Picked this bad boy up, thanks to @pete23nba for the great deal :kick:


and the finishing touches :whistle:


Buzzing about this being jersey numbered :kick::kick::kick:

Anyway, thank yo......

Wait a minute you didn't think i was done already?

Lastly, this cost me my arm and my leg :lol: Easily broke the bank and may have gone little overboard haha. Never spent this much on a card, but I guess new territories must be entered :whistle:

Keep scrolling, don't be lazy :p

I present to you: :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


No words needed for this beauty :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:

Can't wait till it arrives in my hand. It has always been a card i wanted to get. Some may remember years ago when lots of us used photoshop on oct creating silhouettes for fun. My favourite one that i created was easily this, and well now i have a real one :)
Preferred KI2.jpg

Anyway THANK YOU everyone for a great last 5 years and to hopefully many more great years ahead! Thanks again to those who i've dealt with, particularly a special shoutout to @AussieLaker who has helped me countless times over these last few years! =D>

Thank you for taking your time to look at this! and Have a great day! :)

Harsha :thumbsup:


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Loving all these cards , uncle drew is back ! Perfect timing his card value has just gone up ..that silhouette is amazing one of the best irving cards ..


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Wow, killer patch on that last one.
Can see his stock rising after the performance in the finals series.
Saw that patch and couldn't say no to it haha. I have 3 Hayward silhouettes but sadly most of them have those (manufactured?) tags as patches :thumbsdown:
His prices should definetly be on the rise, played phenomenal in the series :hearts: Thanks Mark! :)
That silo is amazing. Great pick ups all round.
Can't wait till it arrives and i get to see it in person! Thanks Ben! :cool:
Could feel your excitement reading your posts haha well done Harsha I'm sure the 'expensive' rolling momentum will continue! :sick:=D>
Haha thanks for the kind words Aaron! Mondays game 7 win definitely played a role in the excitement :D Hoping to branch out into some memorabilia, as long as it doesn't cost me anymore body parts :whistle:
Supersized your Kyrie PC! Awesome pick ups mate!
Its getting there, but nowhere near as lovely as your PC cards! Yours are just unbelievable! Thanks for stopping by Ray! :)
Great adds there Harsha!! Congrats on the PC milestones and the 5yrs on here.
Thanks Dylan! Hopefully many more great years are still to come, filled with your sick maildays as usual! ;)
love the shoe patch!
Thanks Andrew! Really surprise they aren't more popular if anything, cause they are such a brilliant concept! =D>
Thanks Rhys! Another familiar face, glad to see you're are still active around these forums! :thumbsup:

Loving all these cards , uncle drew is back ! Perfect timing his card value has just gone up ..that silhouette is amazing one of the best irving cards ..
Thanks for the kind words mate! His prices have definitely gone up, hopefully it goes near Linsanity standards :whistle: The silhouette is easily my favourite series, and pretty stoked now that I own one with Kyrie on it:hearts:


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Next time try to make it only 3 or 4 years between maildays, okay champ? hah hah
Haha thanks Skip! Will try my best, but its going to be hard to top this :p

Dammmmmmmmmmnnnn man that Silhouettes is amazing!!!!! congrats!
Thanks Matt, definitely excited to see it in hand! :D
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