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Jul 4, 2021
NSW 2440
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Good evening everyone.
We are a family run business based on the Mid North Coast of N.S.W. & Nara Japan.
It all started with NBA Jam in a local arcade back in ‘93. Picked Shawn Kemp because of his full dunk rating and have been a fan of the Seattle Sonics ever since. Well, whilst they existed anyway. I was hooked after 1 game and started to play in local rec. leagues & pick up games around Sydney.
My 2 best mates from high school started working for Richard & Oliver in the Card Shaq’s first store at Hilton Arcade Sydney.
Having been a comic collector since 1984, collecting NBA sports trading cards was an easy decision. Having my 2 best mates behind the counter at Sydney’s best shop definitely helped my decision to start collecting too. CardShaqMan is on the forum and my other mate has passed away unfortunately.
it wasn’t long before my brother started working for Adam & Adrian at Card Junction’s Randwick & Bondi stores. Having friends & family in the industry was awesome. Lots of great memories of breaking product & checking out the singles on offer from those days.
Stopped collecting toward the end of the 90’s, but got back into it in 2004. raidensama was my eBay ID at that time.
Spent a ton with Sonny from Southern Hemisphere Cards & eventually did a few shows with him around Sydney. Fell off again after a few years though.
Come 2017 I opened a bricks & mortar store at Kensington in Sydney named Raijin Fujin. We specialised in trading cards & hobby items from Japan (Gundam, Pokémon etc.) Unfortunately the light rail construction on our door step led to our closure in 2019.
We’ve sold thousands of graded cards sourced from the US & graded thousands of our own cards since 2017.
We’ll be opening our online store at the start of the 2021-22 NBA season & are trading on eBay as raijinfujin until then.
‘Thank you & best of luck on your next breaks.

Raijin Fujin


Mar 22, 2017
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Was only thinking about the cardshaq yesterday 🤣🤣. Loved going there as a kid and remember the life size cardboard Shaq at the entrance . Good memories of a simpler time . Welcome mate