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Hi all,

I'm a big NRL and cricket card collector and fan, but aside from that, I also love my pop culture - music, movies, comics and art - as well as a bit of history.

For a while now, I've been writing a series of books and FINALLY the first one is available online.

Titled Alistair Raven and the Stormtrooper In Stilettos, the book is a sci-fi adventure with a twist of future-dreaming and thrills aplenty.

At the moment its a KINDLE download via Amazon. You can view it here:

If you like - amongst many things - your James Bond, Queen, the Mighty Boosh, the Beatles, the Russian Revolution, The A*Team and Harry Potter / Hunger Games / Maze Runner / Divergent series - then this is probably the book for you.

As an ongoing series - I'm working on Book 4 at the moment - I hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for the second book coming soon.

Any feedback is gratefully accepted too - good or bad.



London, 2077. Post-Civil War. Alistair Raven is a 14-year-old trying to get through high school unnoticed and avoid the harassment of the young bully boys of the ruling Futurist Party. He finds solace exploring the grimy tunnels and forgotten landmarks of the city.

In the caverns of the British Museum Alistair stumbles across a banned text, The Truth; it offers him a civil war alternative that seems like fantasy. But the book is found in his possession and the Futurists begin a pursuit that thrusts him into the centre of a rebellion led by a member of the Royal Family no one knew existed. Alistair must choose a side and find his truth if he is to save himself... and maybe the country.
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