Baseball First timer needing advice



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Nov 12, 2019
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Going to dip my toes into baseball just a little. Wanting to bust a couple of boxes, was thinking a few hobby or maybe even a jumbo box.

I’ve come across from Basketball and spent a lot of dollars learning what product was right for me. Hoping to cut down a lot of that process by getting the right recommendation 😊 For Basketball
I’m a Prizm and Optic fan, basically I like the “popular” products and stuff that’s most in demand. I don’t want to collect those in Baseball if they’re not the popular product.

My goal is to hit a few rookies to sit on and enjoy watching them over their careers. The names I’d be looking to chase are the usual Acuna, Soto and Franco plus whatever else I hit I’ll hold and hope for the best 😊

From looking at a few breaks I seem to be a fan of Topps Chrome and Bowman 1st.. I have no idea if those are actual boxes or products I’ve just read that from the card and PSA labels 😂 Can someone educate me.

My main issue is I don’t understand what cards to chase for rookies.. is it Pre Rookie Card that is considered a true rookie or are the Rookie Cards the right ones to go with?



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Apr 9, 2020
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i just wish they would stop the one company has the licence monopoly, topps from what i remember has baseball, upper deck has hockey and panini has basketball and football

Fanatics has signed up exclusive rights for NBA, NBAPA, MLB, MLBPA and NFL (but not NFLPA) card licenses starting in a few years for each.