Fake Deaths in TV Shows


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I need to have a rant.

I wont name shows incase people haven't seen recent episodes, so ill just talk in general to keep it spoiler free :)

I hate this practice of pretending to kill off characters in TV shows. If you are going to kill a character off, fine, but dont pretend to kill them off only to bring them back later making up some bulls*** story on how it was faked for no real reason other than to try to increase ratings/chatter about the show.

I just watched the 3rd show that has done it in the last few months and I have decided to stop watching the show completely because of it. Yes, it creates shock, but as soon as it happened, i had in the back of my mind that it was fake and that the character would come back in a few episodes time - every time I pray I am wrong, these shows can survive without these characters but doing the fake death just makes the entire show loose all the credibility that its gathered over the seasons.

I hate it. Talking to my friends they hate it. I see huge numbers of write ups on others hating it. This isn't one of those things that all publicity is good publicity, because as of tonight, its made a show that I have seen every episode and am keen to see the next installment, loose all respect and I am vowing never to watch it again.

For me, it turns a high quality show into a Days of our Lives quality show and makes everything that happens all the more unbelievable.

/end rant
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