Drama5 Final Countdown Wantlist


Hollywell, Gold Coast
Real Name
Daniel Ramage
Quick Saturday "Final Countdown" Wantlist:

Lmk if you can help out and got heaps to trade or happy to buy. These are the last cards needed for my GWS and Gold Coast Master Sets.

Zac Williams 2018 XMAS Burst
Toby Greene 2019 Auskick Card
Dylan Shiel 2020 Blue Cie Cut
Brent Daniels 2020 SP Burst
GWS 2020 Premiership Predictor Gold
GWS Wildcard 2020 Brownlow Predictor

Draft Prospects:
Toby Greene Future Stars Guernsey and Redemption
Toby Greene Knickname Signature

Future Force:
Harrison Wig 2014 All Australian
Zachary Spoule 2016 Sheahan Selects
Izac Rankine 2017 All Australian
Jye Caldwell Blue Parallal 2017
Jack Lukosis Red Parallal 2017
Ben King Red Parallal 2017

Steve Johnson 2017 Common
Jack Martin 2017 Prize Card
Steven May 2018 Auskick Card
Gary Ablett 2018 Gold Card
Gary Ablett 2018 Magic Wildcard
David Swallow 2019 Star Wildcard
Stephen Coniglio 2019 Magic Wildcard
Toby Greene 2019 Auskick Card
Lachie Weller 2020 Gold Card
Josh Kelly 2020 Gold Card
Sam Jacobs 2020 Gold Card
Jaeger O Meara 2020 Gold Card
Callan Ward 2020 Battle Bodz Glow
Brandon Ellis 2020 Battle Bodz Glitter
Jacob Hopper 2020 Footy Flipz Rising Star
Jeremey Cameron 2020 Star Wildcard
Lachie Whitfield 2020 Magic Wildcard
Jeremey Cameron 2020 Trophy Star Wildcard
Alex Sexton 2020 Magic Wildcard
Dylan Shiel 2020 Star Wildcard
Jarrod Harbrow 2020 Prize Card
Ben King 2020 Prize Card
Nick Haynes 2020 Prize Card
Josh Kelly 2020 Prize Card
Dylan Shiel 2020 Prize Card
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