For Sale Donruss 2021 Basketball



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Apr 24, 2019
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I thought it would be fun to break some product and soon realised what a mistake that was.

Would anyone here be interested in taking on bulk lots as I try to recoup some of my investments along the lines of prices of;

Base .10c a card (About 400)
Bad rookies (Like Grant Riller, etc) .25c per card (about 100)
Top 25 player base .75c per card (about 50)
Green Average players .50c per card (About 12)
Green bad rookies .75c (About 5)
Green top 25 players $4 each (About 5)
Inserts $1 each (About 20)
Inserts of top 5 players $4 each (About 5)

Would want to sell them as lots not 1 here and 2 there.

If there is interest I will get some pics up.
Just wanted to see if people would be keen on buying lots.