Dominance 2020 review



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Apr 6, 2015
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Common cards:
As I've mentioned before, we really couldn't care less what they look like however these have a unique design IMO - find they are gemstone like which is quite cohesive

Holofoil /350:
Really like the design of these, particular the reference to series 2 design of the parallels but adding a sharp twist to them with the prominent team colours to it all!

All Australian:
Yes, there's no escaping of this concept and I really don't mind them being horizontal landscape for a change but at the end of the day, there's nothing really going to stop a complete set of these being auctioned off eBay for $22 by Xmas

Medal winners:
Another concept that had to find its way in a series 2/3 release and by the looks of things these cards appear to be more appealing on hand however what's going to stop one of these cards being auctioned off eBay as little as $5 by Xmas? Not much

On the rise:
Obviously the replacement of timeless/hf gallery/goal to goal/team leaders LoL pretty boring appearance and in basically a common card only with an insert title and no further ways about that sorry

Rookie cards:
Do appreciate the design of these this year and IMO an IP signature gold ink would look pretty sharp

Player's ink signature:
Tbh, the high end quality of these cards has really nose dived since such concept was introduced five years ago (note SCS concept the same thing IMO). I know select can't help that but IMO some of these cards are lower end than the draft pick signature cards! They really are

Premiership commemorate cards:
Yay!!! Was fantasising these would one day make a comeback and this was perhaps my favourite preview leading up to release date! An excellent choice to replace premiership predictors which have moved to series 1 where they well and truly belong

Draft pick signatures:
Love the design of these however I wish there was a platinum version of these instead of another round of high flyers!

Dominance black:
Really like the choice of photos and players here but as for Richmond, dusty has had enough high ends in recent past releases and another player should have been depicted instead

Nothing really exciting here tbh. IMO cogs is the wrong skipperselection for my club and $300 is all I'm really prepared to pay for one down the track. I also hope select will accumulate clubs with multiple co captain roles should this concept make a comeback in future

Generation next:
An excellent choice of players due to the concept this insert covers! Has a strong speculation it would be a Kennedy Hawks-swans hybrid card this year and too bad Kennedy SNR can't be with us by the time the signing took place but if it did $3k+ could have been the value LoL

High flyers and influential cards:
The biggest anticipation of this release seemed to be finding out what the replacement of the high flyers would be along with the bonus hit card equivalent to influential cards in 2017. The result turned out to be like the emperor's New clothes!!! Literally!

Personally the second round of IC cards should have been in 2018 legacy and for this release I would have preferred a third round of showstopper- platinum showstoppers/30 - depicting a past time player with exceptions of Gold coast with Gary Ablett jnr and Toby Greene for GWS

But on the good note Jeremy Cameron has had a big card to make up for the medal winners signature cards making a comeback! Was lucky enough to pull a huge card here too!

Overall verdict: 7.5/10
One of the best releases I've seen however concerned prices will drop sharply by Xmas?
And as mentioned before would have preferred a platinum show stopper version instead of influential and a platinum version of the draft pick signatures (same design as gold but with white rainbow lining instead of gold) instead of another round of high flyers