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Just had a shipment from Comc.

Big avengers fan, super stoked to land a Thor out of a couple of packets.

Then things got a bit out of hand.
Had a spare bit of cash and epack had a sale on . . you can guess what happened next.
This is the exact reason why I stayed away from digital breaks for so long.

GOTG vol 2 was buy one get one free. Opened a bunch of packs.
Hit 3 Saldana auto's. Traded one, still have two at comc.

Not sure how these look in hand but I'm not a huge fan of them from the pics. Convince me to keep em?

2017 Upper Deck Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 - Mix Tape Autos #MT2 - Zoe Saldana
Courtesy of

2017 Upper Deck Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 - Galactic Garb Autographs #SMA5 - Zoe Saldana
Courtesy of

The other Saldana I traded for this:

Been a fan of hers since Lost. Pretty happy to get this one.

So after all this imposed a sanction on myself, with the exception of only buying while on sale.

Fast ford a month - brought a box of Ragnarok while on special.
Hit this

And then this morning while bored and sick I opened a few more packs.
3 Ragnarok and Two Antman & Wasp.
First sketch I have hit, I know nothing about em at all and tbh most of the ones I have looked at I don't like.
Anyone got info on this one? Nick Justus.

Well that's it until the next sale.
All in all I'm about even if I just purchased the cards, but where is the fun in that?

Thanks for the look!


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Some mega pulls there, well done! Ragnarok was really good on Epack, I did well out of it as well. Ant Man and Wasp has given me pretty much nothing though the physical boxes I broke were good. Nice to pull so many Zoe's...I only got a Taser Face auto from GotG2 !! Pity she isn't signing her full name, must be the small stickers.

And yeah, Evangeline Lilly :hearts:

I'm trying to stay away from epack these days...just way too easy to spend too much and get nothing...and the $ conversion rate is so bad it doesn't help !

Sketch looks to be Wasp herself...not sure which version of the character though...nice piece though!


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Ragnarok is such a great piece in the MCU. I think it will definitely gain cult status down the track just as a film as itself.

Did Taika Watiti ever do an autograph card?
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