Complete West Coast Select & Teamcoach Wantlist. Please Help.


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Aug 23, 2011
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Hi everyone this is a list of bits and pieces i've been a little lazy in picking up.

If you have any of these cards please let me know, i would prefer to trade but have cash if a deal can't be struck. Cheers.

2005 Wildcard Chris Judd Brownlow SW-15
2006 Wildcard Ben Cousins Brownlow WEG SW-15
2008 J Squad Silver Captain Darren Glass
2012 Star Wildcard Nic Naitanui
2013 West Coast Prize Cards
2013 Magic Wilcard Luke Shuey
2014 Luke Shuey Silver
2014 Chris Masten Magic Wildcard
2014 Matt Priddis and Eagles Teamcoach Herald sun and Advertiser cards
2014 West Coast Prize Cards
2015 Matt Priddis Brownlow Wildcard
2015 Luke Shuey Gold
Auskick Eagles cards (let me know what you have)

2006 AFL ESP Hot Shot Heroes Daniel Chick Signature

2005 Footy Tazo Signature Chris Judd
2005 Footy Tazo Signature Ben Cousins
2006 Select Champions Draft Rookie Xavier Ellis
2010 Select Champions Draft Rookie Kane Lucas
2011 Select Champions Draft Rookie Jamie Cripps
2011 Select Infinity Jamie Cripps Draft Pick Signature
2011 Select Infinity Andrew Gaff Draft pick signature (002-009)
2013 Select Champions Milestone Beau Waters
2013 Select Champions Milestone Shannon Hurn
2014 Select Champions Firepower Caricature Scott Selwood
2014 Select Champions Firepower Caricature Josh Kennedy
2014 Select Champions Firepower Caricature Josh Kennedy Promo
2014 Select Champions Milestone Sharrod Wellingham
2014 Select Future Force Red Signature Liam Duggan
2015 Select Champions Firepower West Coast Checklist
2015 Select Champions Milestone Xavier Ellis
2015 Select Honours 2 Certified Signature Luke Shuey (under 100)
2015 Select Honours 2 Certified Signature Jack Darling (under 100)
2015 Select Honours 2 Brownlow Signature Matt Priddis (under 50)

Any low numbered West Coast Eagles Cards.

Thanks for looking, i hope you can help. :)
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Jun 8, 2015
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Got this if your interested 2015 Honours West Coast Eagles Honour Roll Card #23 of 75 in mint condition $230