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Official 2015 Ozcardtrader All Time NBA Draft


1. Draft- The objective here is to draft the greatest basketball team possible from a pool of every professional basketball player who has played in the NBA/ABA. This will be a TWELVE round snake draft, with randomized draft order prior to the beginning of the draft (using random.org)...

2. Roster- Every team roster will include the following TWELVE positions to be drafted. A player must have spent at least 1/2 of his career at your position of choice-

3. Drafting Rules- To ensure the draft moves along, I will impose a strict twelve hour draft clock for every pick. If you fail to make your pick during the twelve hour window, your team will be skipped. If your team is skipped twice in the draft, you will be replaced in the draft by a new owner. If you are skipped, you may make your pick at any moment after your draft window is expired, however, you run the risk of the next team drafting a player that you wished to draft.

Also, if you know you are going to be gone for your next pick and do not want to be skipped, you may send a proxy list of players you would like to draft to me, via pm. Also, because sending a proxy list will speed up the draft process, the other team owners and I as commissioner will appreciate it.

4. Drafting Formating and Etiquette- Please format all picks in the following way:

["round number"."pick number"] "Team Name" Select- "Player Name", "Player Position"

EXAMPLE- [1.1] San Antonio Spurs Select- Michael Jordan, SG

Also, members are required to send a pm to the next team to notify them that it is their turn. When you do send a pm, please say so under your draft pick. If for whatever reason you cannot format or pm next, please indicate that and I will do so ASAP, but please, do not abuse it...

5. Maintaining Rosters- I will maintain a draft sheet on the second post, to list all draft choices by pick and also by position. I ask that all of you however maintain your current roster on this seperate thread [here] in a single, edited post in order for everybody to be able to look over all teams individually. Other rules about maintaining the rosters will be available on this seperate thread.

6. Draft Completion- Once the draft is complete and all teams have a full roster, teams will be randomized (again using random.org) into FOUR seperate divisions (Blue, Green, Black, and Red Divisions), each containing five teams. Each team owner will then be reponsible to vote for the top two teams in each division, minus their own (Meaning an owner of a team in Red Division would only vote for the top two teams in Blue, Green, and Black Divisions). This will lead to a eight team playoff in which all owners vote for the winners of each round, until two remain - a conference champion from each side. In case of a tiebreaker, the teams will be randomed.

7. All Time Draft Winner - The final two teams will enter a fantasy simulation to determine the eventual winner. Using whatifsports.com or similar to simulate a best of 7 game series.


Draft Order

  1. 14. @Grindnation - OKC Thunder
  2. 15. @Tobes83 - Washington Wizards
  3. 3. @West Oz Cards - Seattle Supersonics
  4. 2. @Billyhoyle - Chicago Bulls
  5. 19. @drob50 - Portland Trailblazers
  6. 8. @Robert Silverman - New York Knicks
  7. 13. @Reignman40 - Sacramento Kings
  8. 4. @jkidd05 - Dallas Mavericks
  9. 17. @rhinks - Denver Nuggets
  10. 10. @GarnettFan4Life - Minnesota Timberwolves
  11. 21. @araiee - Philadelphia 76ers
  12. 16. @mattyman76 - Miami Heat
  13. 6. @TheCardMan - Indiana Pacers
  14. 20. @Jesse Dart - Cleveland Caveliers
  15. 9. @Quicksilver - Boston Celtics
  16. 7. @Matt26 - Phoenix Suns
  17. 12. @drobfan8 - San Antonio Spurs
  18. 1. @nichj99 - Los Angeles Lakers
  19. 11. @mattharper85 - Charlotte Hornets
  20. 18. @Dogs2194 - Golden State Warriors
  21. 5. @Coopz05 - Orlando Magic
  22. 22. @wjrwebber - Utah Jazz

The offical draft clock will begin at 12pm Melbourne time, Friday, March 27th. However, if you are available to draft and it is your turn (starting with the number one pick of course), then feel free to pick right away. Same rules still apply, please format picks correctly and message the next person in line. But the twelve hour draft clock will not begin until the time noted above...
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Official Draft Order

1,1 OKC Thunder - Michael Jordan
1,2 Washington Wizards - Magic Johnson
1,3 Seattle Supersonics - Kareem Abdul Jabbar
1,4 Chicago Bulls - Shaquille O'Neal
1,5 Portland Trailblazers - Wilt Chamberlain
1,6 New York Knicks - Kobe Bryant
1,7 Sacramento Kings - Bill Russell
1,8 Dallas Mavericks - Hakeem Olajuwon
1,9 Denver Nuggets - Oscar Robertson
1,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Lebron James
1,11 Philadelphia 76ers - Kevin Durant
1,12 Miami Heat - Larry Bird
1,13 Indiana Pacers - David Robinson
1,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Tim Duncan
1,15 Boston Celtics - Ray Allen
1,16 Phoenix Suns - John Stockton
1,17 San Antonio Spurs - Julius Erving
1,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Charles Barkley
1,19 Charlotte Hornets - George Mikan
1,20 Golden State Warriors - Allen Iverson
1,21 Orlando Magic - Karl Malone
1,22 Utah Jazz - Dirk Nowitski

2,1 Utah Jazz - Elgin Baylor
2,2 Orlando Magic - Bob Pettit
2,3 Golden State Warriors - Scottie Pippen
2,4 Charlotte Hornets - Isiah Thomas
2,5 Los Angeles Lakers - Jerry West
2,6 San Antonio Spurs - Kevin Garnett
2,7 Phoenix Suns - Patrick Ewing
2,8 Boston Celtics - PICK SKIPPED
2,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Steve Nash
2,10 Indiana Pacers - Moses Malone
2,11 Miami Heat -Reggie Miller
2,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Alonzo Mourning
2,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Stephen Curry
2,14 Denver Nuggets - John Havlicek
2,15 Dallas Mavericks - Jason Kidd
2,16 Sacramento Kings - Gary Payton
2,17 New York Knicks - Dominique Wilkins
2,18 Portland Trailblazers - Dennis Rodman
2,19 Chicago Bulls - Pete Maravich
2,20 Seattle Supersonics - Walt Frazier
2,21 Washington Wizards - Kevin McHale
2,22 OKC Thunder - Bob Cousy

3,1 OKC Thunder - Willis Reed
3,2 Washington Wizards - Clyde Drexler
3,3 Seattle Supersonics - Shawn Kemp
3,4 Chicago Bulls - Chris Paul
3,5 Portland Trailblazers - Russell Westbrook
3,6 New York Knicks - Dwyane Wade
3,7 Sacramento Kings - James Worthy
3,8 Dallas Mavericks - Rick Barry
3,9 Denver Nuggets - George Gervin
3,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Dikembe Mutumbo
3,11 Philadelphia 76ers - James Harden
3,12 Miami Heat - Anthony Davis
3,13 Indiana Pacers - Alex English
3,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Bill Walton
3,15 Boston Celtics - PICK SKIPPED
3,16 Phoenix Suns - PICK SKIPPED
3,17 San Antonio Spurs - Tracy McGrady
3,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Walt Bellamy
3,19 Charlotte Hornets - Earl Monroe
3,20 Golden State Warriors - Elvin Hayes
3,21 Orlando Magic -Anfernee Hardaway
3,22 Utah Jazz - Robert Parish

4,1 Utah Jazz - Nate Arichibald
4,2 Orlando Magic - Vince Carter
4,3 Golden State Warriors - Dwight Howard
4,4 Charlotte Hornets - Dennis Johnson
4,5 Los Angeles Lakers - Joe Dumars
4,6 San Antonio Spurs - Chauncey Billups
4,7 Phoenix Suns - PICK SKIPPED
4,8 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
4,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Chris Mullins
4,10 Indiana Pacers - Carmelo Anthony
4,11 Miami Heat - Artis Gilmore
4,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Adrian Dantley
4,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Chris Webber
4,14 Denver Nuggets - Bob Lanier
4,15 Dallas Mavericks - Pau Gasol
4,16 Sacramento Kings - Glen Rice
4,17 New York Knicks - Derek Rose
4,18 Portland Trailblazers - Sam Jones
4,19 Chicago Bulls - Bernard King
4,20 Seattle Supersonics - Paul Pierce
4,21 Washington Wizards - Grant Hill
4,22 OKC Thunder - Nate Thurmond

5,1 OKC Thunder - Dave Debusschere
5,2 Washington Wizards - Yao Ming
5,3 Seattle Supersonics - Hal Greer
5,4 Chicago Bulls - Dave Cowans
5,5 Portland Trailblazers - Kevin Johnson
5,6 New York Knicks - Blake Griffin
5,7 Sacramento Kings - Dan Majerle
5,8 Dallas Mavericks - Bill Sharman
5,9 Denver Nuggets - Paul Arizin
5,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Latrell Spreewell
5,11 Philadelphia 76ers - Tim Hardaway Snr
5,12 Miami Heat - Tony Parker
5,13 Indiana Pacers - Mitch Richmond
5,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Jack Sikma
5,15 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
5,16 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

5,17 San Antonio Spurs - Ben Wallace
5,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Peja Stojakovic
5,19 Charlotte Hornets - Bob McAdoo
5,20 Golden State Warriors - Manu Ginobili
5,21 Orlando Magic - Robert Horry
5,22 Utah Jazz - Gail Goodrich

6,1 Utah Jazz - Dan Issel
6,2 Orlando Magic - Eddie Jones
6,3 Golden State Warriors - Billy Cunningham
6,4 Charlotte Hornets - Derek Fisher
6,5 Los Angeles Lakers - Larry Nance
6,6 San Antonio Spurs - Kawhi Leonard
6,7 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
6,8 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

6,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Mark Price
6,10 Indiana Pacers - Jerry Lucas
6,11 Miami Heat - Damian Lillard
6,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Kyrie Irving
6,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Wes Unseld
6,14 Denver Nuggets - Gilbert Arenas
6,15 Dallas Mavericks - Dolph Schayes
6,16 Sacramento Kings - Lenny Wilkens
6,17 New York Knicks - Phil Jackson
6,18 Portland Trailblazers - Jamal Mashburn
6,19 Chicago Bulls - Drazen Petrovic
6,20 Seattle Supersonics - Chris Bosh
6,21 Washington Wizards - Larry Johnson
6,22 OKC Thunder - David Thompson

7,1 OKC Thunder - Ralph Sampson
7,2 Washington Wizards - Rod Strickland
7,3 Seattle Supersonics - Michael Ray Richardson
7,4 Chicago Bulls - Maurice Cheeks
7,5 Portland Trailblazers - Jerry Sloan
7,6 New York Knicks - Tyson Chandler
7,7 Sacramento Kings - Bill Laimbeer
7,8 Dallas Mavericks - Demarcus Cousins
7,9 Denver Nuggets - Marc Gasol
7,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Connie Hawkins
7,11 Philadelphia 76ers - Lamarcus Aldridge
7,12 Miami Heat - Nikola Vucevic
7,13 Indiana Pacers - David Bing
7,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Jack Twyman
7,15 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
7,16 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

7,17 San Antonio Spurs - Rasheed Wallace
7,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Shawn Marion
7,19 Charlotte Hornets - Horace Grant
7,20 Golden State Warriors - Amare Stoudamire
7,21 Orlando Magic - Mark Eaton
7,22 Utah Jazz - Mark Aguirre

8,1 Utah Jazz - Sidney Moncrief
8,2 Orlando Magic - Steve Francis
8,3 Golden State Warriors - Derrick Coleman
8,4 Charlotte Hornets - Bruce Bowen
8,5 Los Angeles Lakers - World B Free
8,6 San Antonio Spurs - Toni Kukoc
8,7 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
8,8 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

8,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Kiki Vanderweghe
8,10 Indiana Pacers - Rajon Rondo
8,11 Miami Heat - Kevin Love
8,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Klay Thompson
8,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Arvydas Sabonis
8,14 Denver Nuggets - Michael Cooper
8,15 Dallas Mavericks - Stephon Marbury
8,16 Sacramento Kings - Allan Houston
8,17 New York Knicks - Nick Van Exel
8,18 Portland Trailblazers - Bob Verga
8,19 Chicago Bulls - Ron Artest
8,20 Seattle Supersonics - Alvin Robertson
8,21 Washington Wizards - Brad Daughtry
8,22 OKC Thunder - Spencer Haywood

9,1 OKC Thunder - Jamaal Wilkes
9,2 Washington Wizards - Michael Finley
9,3 Seattle Supersonics - Elton Brand
9,4 Chicago Bulls - Marcus Camby
9,5 Portland Trailblazers - Manute Bol
9,6 New York Knicks - john wall
9,7 Sacramento Kings - AC Green
9,8 Dallas Mavericks - Lou Hudson
9,9 Denver Nuggets - Zach Randolph
9,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Kyle Korver
9,11 Philadelphia 76ers - Charles Oakley
9,12 Miami Heat - Derrick Favors
9,13 Indiana Pacers - Paul George
9,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Bradley Beal
9,15 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
9,16 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

9,17 San Antonio Spurs - Mark Jackson
9,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Rudy Tomjanovic
9,19 Charlotte Hornets - Luc Longley
9,20 Golden State Warriors - Paul Westphal
9,21 Orlando Magic - Tom Heinsohn
9,22 Utah Jazz - Bobby Jones

10,1 Utah Jazz - Sam Cassell
10,2 Orlando Magic - Vin Baker
10,3 Golden State Warriors - Richard (RIP) Hamilton
10,4 Charlotte Hornets - Byron Scott
10,5 Los Angeles Lakers - Clyde Lovellette
10,6 San Antonio Spurs - Steve Smith
10,7 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
10,8 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

10,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Mehmet Okur
10,10 Indiana Pacers - Jo Jo White
10,11 Miami Heat - Tyreke evans
10,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Deandre Jordan
10,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Shareef Abdur-Rahim
10,14 Denver Nuggets - Jermaine O'Neal
10,15 Dallas Mavericks - Cliff Hagan
10,16 Sacramento Kings - Andrei Kirilenko
10,17 New York Knicks - Joakim Noah
10,18 Portland Trailblazers - Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson
10,19 Chicago Bulls - Darryl Dawkins
10,20 Seattle Supersonics - Al Horford
10,21 Washington Wizards - Glenn Robinson Snr
10,22 OKC Thunder - Ron Harper

11,1 OKC Thunder - Norm Van Lier
11,2 Washington Wizards - Michael Redd
11,3 Seattle Supersonics - Chandler Parsons
11,4 Chicago Bulls - Xavier McDaniel
11,5 Portland Trailblazers - Slater Martin
11,6 New York Knicks - Rudy Gay
11,7 Sacramento Kings - Detlef Schrempf
11,8 Dallas Mavericks - Mel Daniels
11,9 Denver Nuggets - Monta Ellis
11,10 Minnesota Timberwolves - Mookie Blaylock
11,11 Philadelphia 76ers - Lamar Odom
11,12 Miami Heat - Demar Derozan
11,13 Indiana Pacers - Tom Chambers
11,14 Cleveland Cavaliers - Jeff Hornacek
11,15 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
11,16 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

11,17 San Antonio Spurs - Jalen Rose
11,18 Los Angeles Lakers - Norm Nixon
11,19 Charlotte Hornets - Shane Battier
11,20 Golden State Warriors - Deron Williams
11,21 Orlando Magic - Steve Kerr
11,22 Utah Jazz - Terry Cummings

12,1 Utah Jazz - Joe Johnson
12,2 Orlando Magic - Dante Exum
12,3 Golden State Warriors - Andrew Bogut
12,4 Charlotte Hornets - Andrew Wiggins
12,5 Los Angeles Lakers - Reggie Theus
12,6 San Antonio Spurs - Vlade Divac
12,7 Phoenix Suns - PICK AUTO SKIPPED
12,8 Boston Celtics - PICK AUTO SKIPPED

12,9 Cleveland Cavaliers - Jason Terry
12,10 Indiana Pacers - Al Jefferson
12,11 Miami Heat -
12,12 Philadelphia 76ers - Jimmy Butler
12,13 Minnesota Timberwolves - Baron Davis
12,14 Denver Nuggets - Ty Lawson
12,15 Dallas Mavericks - Charlie Scott
12,16 Sacramento Kings - Brent Barry
12,17 New York Knicks -
12,18 Portland Trailblazers - Otis Thorpe
12,19 Chicago Bulls - John Paxson
12,20 Seattle Supersonics - Kenny Anderson
12,21 Washington Wizards - Rashard Lewis
12,22 OKC Thunder - Paul Millsap

Players Drafted by Position

Point Guard

Magic Johnson
Oscar Robertson
John Stockton
Allen Iverson
Isiah Thomas
Jerry West
Steve Nash
Stephen Curry
Jason Kidd
Gary Payton
Walt Frazier
Bob Cousy
Chris Paul
Russell Westbrook
Anfernee Hardaway
Nate Archibald
Chauncey Billups
Derek Rose
Kevin Johnson
Tim Hardaway Snr
Tony Parker
Derek Fisher
Mark Price
Damian Lillard
Kyrie Irving
Gilbert Arenas
Lenny Wilkens
Rod Strickland
Michael Ray Richardson
Maurice Cheeks
David Bing
Steve Francis
Rajon Rondo
Stephon Marbury
Nick Van Exel
john wall
Sam Cassell
Norm Van Lier
Slater Martin
Mookie Blaylock
Norm Nixon
Ty Lawson
Baron Davis
Dante Exum
Deron Williams

Shooting Guard
Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Ray Allen
Reggie Miller
John Havlicek
Pete Maravich
Clyde Drexler
Dwyane Wade
James Harden
Tracy McGrady
Earl Monroe
Vince Carter
Dennis Johnson
Joe Dumars
Chris Mullins
Sam Jones
Hal Greer
Dan Majerle
Bill Sharman
Paul Arizin
Latrell Sprewell
Mitch Richmond
Manu Ginobilli
Gail Goodrich
Drazen Petrovic
David Thompson
Jerry Sloan
Sidney Moncreif
Klay Thompson
Allan Houston
Bob Verga
Alvin Robertson
Michael Finley
Lou Hudson
Kyle Korver
Paul George
Paul Westphal
Bradley Beal
Richard (RIP) Hamilton
Byron Scott
Steve Smith
Jo Jo White
Tyreke evans
Ron Harper
Michael Redd
Monta Ellis
Jeff Hornacek
Jalen Rose
Jason Terry
Brent Barry
Charlie Scott
Jimmy Butler
Reggie Theus
Demar Derozan
Joe Johnson
Steve Kerr

Small Forward
Lebron James
Larry Bird
Julius Erving
Elgin Baylor
Scottie Pippen
Dominique Wilkins
Rick Barry
Alex English
George Gervin
Adrian Dantley
Glen Rice
Bernard King
Paul Pierce
Grant Hill
Peja Stojakovic
Robert Horry
Eddie Jones
Billy Cunningham
Kawhi Leonard
Jamal Mashburn
Connie Hawkins
Jack Twyman
Shawn Marion
Mark Aguirre
World B Free
Toni Kukoc
Kiki Vanderwegh
Michael Cooper
Ron Artest
Jamaal Wilkes
Cliff Hagan
Andrei Kirilenko
Chandler Parsons
Rudy Gay
Andrew Wiggins

Power Forward
Tim Duncan
Charles Barkley
Karl Malone
Dirk Nowitski
Kevin Garnett
Dennis Rodman
Kevin McHale
Shawn Kemp
James Worthy
Anthony Davis
Elvin Hayes
Chris Webber
Pau Gasol
Nate Thurmond
Dave Debusschere
Dave Cowans
Blake Griffin
Jack Sikma
Bob McAdoo
Larry Nance
Jerry Lucas
Dolph Schayes
Phil Jackson
Chris Bosh
Larry Johnson
Lamarcus Aldridge
Rasheed Wallace
Horace Grant
Amare Stoudamire
Derrick Coleman
Bruce Bowen
Kevin Love
Spencer Haywood
Elton Brand
AC Green
Zach Randolph
Derrick Favors
Charles Oakley
Rudy Tomjanovic
Tom Heinsohn
Bobby Jones
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Glenn Robinson Snr
Mel Daniels
Detlef Schrempf
Xavier McDaniel
Lamar Odom
Tom Chambers
Mehmet Okur
Otis Thorpe
Terry Cummings
Shane Battier

Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Shaquille O'Neal
Wilt Chamberlain
Bill Russell
Hakeem Olajuwon
David Robinson
George Mikan
Bob Pettit
Patrick Ewing
Alonzo Mourning
Willis Reed
Bill Walton
Walt Bellamy
Dikembe Mutumbo
Robert Parish
Dwight Howard
Artis Gilmore
Bob Lanier
Yao Ming
Ben Wallace
Dan Issel
Wes Unseld
Ralph Sampson
Tyson Chandler
Bill Laimbeer
DeMarcus Cousins
Marc Gasol
Nikola Vucevic
Mark Eaton
Arvydas Sabonis
Brad Daughtry
Marcus Camby
Manute Bol
Luc Longley
Clyde Lovellette
Deandre Jordan
Jermaine O'Neal
Joakim Noah
Darryl Dawkins
Al Horford
Al Jefferson
Vlade Divac
Andrew Bogut
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This Post is Reserved For Division Randoms and Voting for Playoffs


Team list as per draft order:
@Grindnation - OKC Thunder
@Tobes83 - Washington Wizards
@West Oz Cards - Seattle Supersonics
@Billyhoyle - Chicago Bulls
@drob50 - Portland Trailblazers
@Robert Silverman - New York Knicks
@Reignman40 - Sacramento Kings
@jkidd05 - Dallas Mavericks
@rhinks - Denver Nuggets
@GarnettFan4Life - Minnesota Timberwolves
@araiee - Philadelphia 76ers
@mattyman76 - Miami Heat
@TheCardMan - Indiana Pacers
@Reignman40 - Cleveland Cavaliers
@drobfan8 - San Antonio Spurs
@nichj99 - Los Angeles Lakers
@mattharper85 - Charlotte Hornets
@Dogs2194 - Golden State Warriors
@Coopz05 - Orlando Magic
@wjrwebber - Utah Jazz

The top 5 teams after the random will be in the BLUE DIVISION
The teams 6 - 10 after the random will be in the GREEN DIVISION
The teams 11-15 after the random will be in BLACK DIVISION
The bottom 5 teams after the random will be in the RED DIVISION


There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

    • Billyhoyle - Chicago Bulls
    • drobfan8 - San Antonio Spurs
    • araiee - Philadelphia 76ers
    • drob50 - Portland Trailblazers
    • mattharper85 - Charlotte Hornets
    • jkidd05 - Dallas Mavericks
    • mattyman76 - Miami Heat
    • Robert Silverman - New York Knicks
    • Grindnation - OKC Thunder
    • wjrwebber - Utah Jazz
    • Coopz05 - Orlando Magic
    • Tobes83 - Washington Wizards
    • West Oz Cards - Seattle Supersonics
    • rhinks - Denver Nuggets
    • nichj99 - Los Angeles Lakers
    • TheCardMan - Indiana Pacers
    • GarnettFan4Life - Minnesota Timberwolves
    • Reignman40 - Sacramento Kings
    • Dogs2194 - Golden State Warriors
    • Reignman40 - Cleveland Cavaliers
Timestamp: 2015-05-04 08:32:32 UTC


BLUE Division Rosters

Billyhoyle - Chicago Bulls

PG- Chris paul
PG- Maurice Mo Cheeks
SG- Pete maravich
SG- Drazen Petrovic
G- John Paxson
SF- Bernard king
SF- Ron Artest
PF- Dave cowens
PF- Xavier McDaniel
F/C- Marcus Camby
C- Shaquille O'neal
C- Darryl Dawkins

All Star Appearances- 51
All Star MVP- 6
Rookie of the Year- 4
MVP- 2
Finals MVP- 3
Championships- 9
All NBA 1st team Honors- 16
All Rookie Team - 7
All Defensive 1st Team Honors- 13

drobfan8 - San Antonio Spurs
C- Ben Wallace
PF- Kevin Garnett
SF- Julius Erving
SG- Tracy McGrady
PG- Chauncey Billups

PG- Mark Jackson
SG- Jalen Rose
G- Steve Smith
SF-Toni Kukoc
PF- Rasheed Wallace
F/C- Kawhi Leonard
C- Vlade Divac

Champions: 10 (Plus 2 X ABA)
Finals MVP: 2
MVP: 2
1ST Team All NBA: 11
2ND: 12
3RD: 6
All Defense 1ST Team: 14
2ND Team: 7
All Stars: 49
All Star MVP: 3

8 of 12 guys from this squad have won a championship.
3 seperate DPOY winners.
League Leaders in scoring, assists, rebounding, blocks and steals.
2 players have won the NBA sportsmanship award.
This team is stacked with defensive and offensive power, 11 All NBA 1st team and 14 All NBA 1st team winners.
These accolades don't take in to account Dr J's dominance of the ABA or Kukoc and Divac's impeccable Euro records.

araiee - Philadelphia 76ers

PG-Tim Hardaway
PG-Kyrie Irving
SG-James Harden
SG-Klay Thompson
G-Jimmy Butler
SF- Kevin Durant
SF-Adrian Dantley
PF-Charles Oakley
PF-Lamarcus Aldridge
F/C-Lamar Odom
C-Deandre Jordan
C-Alonzo Mourning

drob50 - Portland Trailblazers
PG- Russell Westbrook
PG- Kevin Johnson
SG- Sam Jones
SG- Vinnie Johnson
G- Slater Martin
SF- Jamal Mashburn
SF- Jerry Sloan
PF- Dennis Rodman
PF-Buck Williams
F/C- Otis Thorpe
C- Wilt Chamberlain
C- Manute Bol

mattharper85 - Charlotte Hornets


jkidd05 - Dallas Mavericks

PG- Jason Kidd*
PG- Stephon Marbury
SG- Bill Sharman*
SG- Lou Hudson
G- Charlie Scott
SF- Rick Barry*
SF- Cliff Hagan
PF- Pau Gasol*
PF- Dolph Schayes
F/C- Mel Daniels
C- Hakeem Olajuwon*
C- DeMarcus Cousins

mattyman76 - Miami Heat
PG- Tony Parker
PG- Damien Lillard
SG- reggie miller
SG-DeMar DeRozan
G- Tyreke Evans
SF- Larry Bird
SF- Josh Smith
PF- Anthony Davis
PF- Kevin Love
F/C- Derrick Favors
C- Artis Gilmore
C- Nikola Vucevic

Robert Silverman - New York Knicks
PG- Derrick Rose
PG- Nick Van Exel
SG- Kobe Bryant
SG- Dwyane Wade
G- John Wall
SF- Dominique Wilkins
SF- Rudy Gay
PF- Blake Griffin
PF- Bill Laimbeer
F/C- Phil Jackson
C- Tyson Chandler
C- Joakim Noah

Grindnation - OKC Thunder
PG- Bob Cousy*
PG- Norm Van Lier
SG- Michael Jordan*
SG- David Thompson
G- Ron Harper
SF- Dave Debusschere*
SF- Jamaal Wilkes
PF- Nate Thurmond*
PF- Spencer Haywood
F/C- Paul Millsap
C- Willis Reed*
C- Ralph sampson

Current Team Accolades :
  • 3 x Gold Olympic Medals (2 x USA)
  • 1 x Gold FIBA Americas Championship
  • 3 x Gold Pan American Games
  • 9 x retired jerseys (2 for Nate Thurmond)

wjrwebber - Utah Jazz

PG- Nate 'Tiny' Archibald
PG- Sam Cassell
SG- Gail Goodrich
SG- Joe Johnson
G- Sidney Moncrief
SF- Elgin Baylor
SF- Mark Aguirre
PF- Dirk Nowitzki
PF- Bobby Jones
F/C- Terry Cummings
C- Robert Parish
C- Dan Issel

ABA/NBA Awards
All Star Appearances- 74
All Star MVP- 3
ROY- 3
MVP- 1
Finals MVP- 1
Championships- 14
All NBA/ABA Honors- 40
All Defensive Honors- 16
6th MOY - 1
BLACK Division Rosters

Coopz05 - Orlando Magic

PG- Anfernee Hardaway
PG- Steve Francis
SG- Steve Kerr
SG- Vince Carter
G- Dante Exum
SF- Robert Horry
SF- Eddie Jones
PF- Vin Baker
PF-Karl Malone
F/C- Tom Heinsohn
C- Bob Pettit
C- Mark Eaton

Tobes83 - Washington Wizards
PG- Magic Johnson*
PG-Rod Strickland
SG-Clyde Drexler*
SG-Michael Finley
G-Michael Redd
SF-Grant Hill*
SF-Rashard Lewis
PF- Kevin McHale*
PF-Larry Johnson
F/C-Glenn Robinson
C-Yao Ming*
C-Brad Daugherty

West Oz Cards - Seattle Supersonics
PG- Walt Frazier (s)

SG- Hal Greer (S)

SF- Paul Pierce (S)

PF- Shawn Kemp (S)

C- Kareem Abdul Jabbar (S)

PG- Michael Ray Richardson
SG- Alvin Robertson
G- Kenny Anderson
SF- Chandler Parsons
PF- Elton Brand
F/C- Chris Bosh
C- Al Horford

Sonics Team Accolades
rhinks - Denver Nuggets
PG- Oscar Robinson
PG- Ty Lawson
SG- Paul Arizin
SG- Monta Ellis
G- Gilbert Arenas
SF- John Havlicek
SF- George Gervin
PF- Drew Gooden
PF- Zach Randolph
F/C- Jermaine O'Neal
C- Bob Lanier
C- Marc Gasol

*Michael Cooper

nichj99 - Los Angeles Lakers

PG- Jerry West*
SG- Joe Dumars*
SF- Peja Stojakovic*
PF- Charles Barkley*
C- Walt Bellamy*

PG- Norm Nixon
SG- Reggie Theus
G- World B. Free
SF- Shawn Marion
PF- Rudy Tomjanovich
F/C- Larry Nance
C- Clyde Lovellette

Lakers team Accolades
10x NBA Championship
2x Finals MVP
1x MVP
59x All Star
2x All Star MVP
1x ROY
15x All NBA 1st Team
9x All NBA 2nd Team
5x All NBA 3rd Team
5x All defensive first team
2x All defensive second team
1x Scoring Champion
1x Assists Leader
2x 3 point shootout champion
1x Slam dunk champion
7x Retired Jerseys
5x Olympic Gold Medals

RED Division Rosters

TheCardMan - Indiana Pacers
PG- David Bing
PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Mitch Richmond
SG- Paul George
G- Jo Jo White
SF- Alex English
SF- Carmelo Anthony
PF- Jerry Lucas
PF- Tom Chambers
F/C- Moses Malone
C- David Robinson
C- Al Jefferson

GarnettFan4Life - Minnesota Timberwolves
PG-Stephen Curry
PG-Baron Davis
SG-Latrell Sprewell
SG-Kyle Korver
G-Mookie Blaylock
SF-Lebron James
SF-Connie Hawkins
PF- Chris Webber
PF-Shareef Abdur-Rahim
F/C-Wes Unseld
C-Arvydas Sabonis
C-Dikembe Mutombo

Timberwolves Team Accolades
Dream Seasons (career highs per category average per game)
Stephen Curry 24pts 4.5reb 8.5ast 2stl - 93.4% FT, 45.5% 3PT
Latrell Sprewell - 24pts 5reb 5ast 2stl
Lebron James 31.5pts 8reb 8.5ast 2stl 1blk - 56.7% FG
Chris Webber - 27pts 10.5reb 5.5ast 2stl 2blk - 55% FG
Dikembe Mutombo - 16.5pts 14reb 2ast 4.5blk
Mookie Blaylock 17.5pts 5.5reb 9.5ast 2.5stl
Kyle Korver 12pts 4.5reb 3ast 1stl - 92.6% FT
Connie Hawkins 24.5pts 10.5reb 5.5ast 1stl 1blk
Shareef Abdur-Rahim 23pts 10reb 3.5ast 1stl 1blk - 52.5% FG
Arvydas Sabonis 16pts 10reb 3ast 1stl 1.5blk - 54.5% FG
Wes Unseld 16pts 18reb 5ast 1.5stl 1blk
Baron Davis 23pts 4.5reb 9ast 2.5stl

Individual Achievements
Stephen Curry - All-Rookie 1st Team, ROTY Runner-Up, Single Season Record 3pts made
Latrell Sprewell - 1 x All-NBA 1st Team, 1 x All-Defensive 2nd Team
Lebron James - ROTY, 4 x NBA MVP, 2 x Finals MVP, 8 x All-NBA 1st Team, 5 x All-Defensive 1st Team, 2 x NBA Champion
Chris Webber - ROTY, 1 x All-NBA 1st Team
Dikembe Mutombo - All-Rookie 1st Team, 4 x DPOY, 3 x All-Defensive 1st Team
Mookie Blaylock - 2 x All-Defensive 1st Team, 4 x All-Defensive 2nd Team
Kyle Korver - 1 x NBA Player of the Month
Connie Hawkins - 1 x All NBA 1st Team, NBA HOF
Shareef Abdur-Rahim - All-Rookie 1st Team
Arvydas Sabonis - All-Rookie 1st Team, NBA HOF
Wes Unseld - ROTY, 1 x NBA MVP, 1 x Finals MVP, 1 x All-NBA 1st Team, 1 x NBA Champion, NBA HOF
Baron Davis - 1 x All-NBA 3rd Team, 1 x POTM

Career Highs:

Stephen Curry - 44pts 8reb 15ast 4stl
Latrell Sprewell - 35pts 10reb 10ast 5stl 3blk
Lebron James - 49pts 19reb 13ast 6stl 5blk
Chris Webber - 34pts 18reb 13ast 4stl 7blk
Dikembe Mutombo - 28pts 22reb 5ast 3stl 8blk
Mookie Blaylock - 31pts 12reb 18ast 8stl 3blk
Kyle Korver - 23pts 11reb 5ast 4stl
Connie Hawkins - 34pts (other stats not tracked)
Shareef Abdur-Rahim - 27pts 9reb 3ast 2stl
Arvydas Sabonis - 27pts 15reb 8ast 3stl 4blk
Wes Unseld - 26pts 20reb 10ast 3stl 3blk
Baron Davis - 36pts 14reb 12ast 7stl

Reignman40 - Sacramento Kings
PG- Gary Payton
PG- Lenny Wilkens
SG- Dan Majerle
SG- Allan Houston
G- Brent Barry
SF- Glen Rice
SF- Andrei Kirilenko
PF- James Worthy
PF- AC Green
F/C - Detlef Schrempf
C- Bill Russell
C- Bill Laimbeer


23 x NBA Championship
1 x Finals MVP
5 x MVP
54 x All Star
3 x All Star MVP
??? x ROY
1 x NBA Defensive Player of the Year
2 x NBA Sixth Man of the Year
5 x All NBA 1st Team
14 x All NBA 2nd Team
6 x All NBA 3rd Team
11 x All defensive first team
5 x All defensive second team
5 x NBA REbounding Leader
1 x NBA Blocks Leader
1 x NBA steals leader
1 X Slam Dunk Champion
1 x 3 point shootout champion
4 x NBA Shooting Stars Champion
??? x Retired Jerseys
4 x Olympic Gold Medals
3 x NBA 50th Anniversary Team

Dogs2194 - Golden State Warriors

PG- Allen Iverson
PG- Deron Williams
SG-Manu ginobili
SG- Richard Hamilton
G- Paul westphal
SF- Scottie Pippen
SF- Billy Cunningham
PF- Elvin Hayes
PF- Derrick Coleman
F/C- Amare Stoudemire
C- Dwight Howard
C- Andrew Bogut

Reignman40 - Cleveland Cavaliers
PG- Steve Nash
PG- Mark Price
SG- Bradley Beal
SG- Jeff Hornacek
G- Jason Terry
SF- Chris Mullin
SF- Jack Twayman
PF- Tim Duncan
PF- Juwan Howard
F/C- Mehmet Okur
C- Bill Walton
C- Jack Sikma
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