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Finally pulled the trigger after almost two years and requested shipment of just under 200 cards.
So I requested shipping back on January 26 and waited until March 3 to be shipped, which was a lot quicker than their original estimate. The box arrived today after exactly four weeks which again was way sooner than the estimated date.
I refused to pay their premium / express shipping so this cost me just US$4.99. I still have several more expensive cards that I didn't ship due to the ridiculous cost of shipping cards that are added to the site. I can ship them later at a much lower rate since there are only a few.
So despite the recent negativity towards COMC, probably not altogether unfair I might add, this was a pretty smooth process. Overall I'm very pleased with the outcome, even though it took so long, now that the cards have arrived I'm happy.

Mostly Contenders 2019 & 2020 and Donruss 2019 inserts, still trying to finish these sets since I've given up on buying boxes for obvious reasons, but I also had quite a few autos and jersey cards from the same sets and others.
Quite a few additions to my Broncos and Von Miller PC. I'll keep adding Vons even though he's gone. I was hoping he'd be a one team player.



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