Christmas Breaks


Great Southern Land
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Did the usual Christmas box breaks with the family. Did a bunch of non sport and some NFL. Pretty happy with how I went, got some nice hits.

2 boxes of Classics, nice Marcus Allen /3 "Recollection Collection" buyback auto. And hey can't knock an old time Kicker! Pity Boomer wasn't as a Bengal!

17Xmas01 (Large).jpg

Phoenix and Unparalleled - Nice to get a Fournette...and he has a really sweet signature. There was also a 250 point card :-(

17Xmas02 (Large).jpg

And I gave Illusions a go. Nice cards, like that all the base link to past players. Nice looking hits though the the encased card is a bit silly I reckon...

17Xmas03 (Large).jpg
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